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Edith and Grace Abbott, Papers

Title: Edith and Grace Abbott, Papers
Creator: Abbott, Edith, 1876-1957
Creator: Abbott, Grace, 1878-1939
Dates: 1905-1976
Quantity: 20 boxes (10 linear feet)
Collection Number:
 MS 129


Restrictions: None

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Edith Abbott was born in Grand Island, Nebraska, in 1876. She received her A.B. from the University of Nebraska in 1901 and her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1905. From 1906 to 1908, she continued post-graduate studies in economics and political science at the University of London. In 1908, Edith returned to Chicago and became a resident of Hull House until 1920. Between 1908 and 1920, she served as Associate Director of the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy at the University of Chicago. Edith was a member of the University of Chicago faculty from 1913 to 1953, Dean from 1924 to 1942 and Dean Emeritus from 1942 to 1957. She was the first female dean of any graduate school in the United States when appointed as the Dean of the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. She pioneered college courses for social workers, which emphasized the importance of formal education in social work and the need to include field experience as part of that training. During her professional career, Edith published more than 100 articles and books on juvenile delinquents, women in industry, problems in the penal system, rights of children, child labor laws, and social workers' education. She spent her last years at the family home in Grand Island, Nebraska. Edith died of pneumonia on July 28, 1957.

Grace Abbott was born in Grand Island, Nebraska, in 1878. She received ha degree from Grand Island College in 1890 and attended the University of Nebraska. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1909. Grace continued to study law while intermittently teaching secondary school. Like her sister Edith, she became a resident of Hull House and became involved with social issues. In 1915, she became the first director of the newly organized Immigrant's Protection League formed to protect immigrants from exploitation and to assist in their adjustment to American life. In 1917, she was appointed to a position in the Child Labor Division of the United States Children's Bureau and served as chief of the bureau from 1921 to 1934. Through the use of motion pictures and radio, she sought to inform mothers about the best methods of child care and to keep the public informed about state responsibility for child welfare. In 1929, in response to the depression, she became an advocate for federal aid and relief. Grace served as the official representative of the United States on the League of Nations' advisory committees on traffic in women and on child welfare. In 1931, Good Housekeeping magazine named her one of the twelve greatest living American women. She was inducted into the Nebraska Hall of Fame in 1976. Grace joined Edith at the University of Chicago and, from 1934 to 1939, served as Professor of Public Welfare and Editor of the Social Service Review. Until her death, Grace chaired international labor conferences and state committees dealing with child labor and remained involved in peace movements and women's rights. She died in Chicago on June 19, 1939 due to conditions relating to tuberculosis.

In the press, Edith and Grace where known as the "Abbott Sisters from Nebraska." They had two brothers, Othman A. Abbott, Jr. and Arthur O. Abbott. Their father, Othman A. Abbott, was a Civil War veteran officer who became the state's first Lieutenant Governor as well as a member of the Nebraska State Senate. Their mother, Elizabeth Griffin Abbott, was an early leader of the Nebraska Women's Suffrage Movement and helped to establish the Grand Island Public Library system.

Scope and Content: 

The papers of Edith Abbott contain professional and personal correspondence, lecture notes for courses taught at the University of Chicago School of Social Administration (SSA), articles, the draft of the unfinished biography of Grace Abbott, and biographical materials. The papers reflect Edith's interests centered on the status of women in industry and the establishment of high professional standards in social work education. The papers of Grace Abbott contain personal and professional correspondence, articles, speeches, radio broadcasts, biographical material, and materials relating to the United States Children's Bureau and the the Child Labor Amendment of 1924-25. Grace devoted her career to the conditions of child labor and to maternal and child health issues. Both sisters shared an interest in the problems of the immigrant and the public assistance programs of the New Deal. Within the collection, correspondents include Jane Addams, Sophonisba Breckinridge, Julia Lathrop, Frank Norris, Frances Perkins, Samuel Ratcliffe and Julius Rosenwald. Subjects include child labor laws, child welfare, immigration, philanthropy, and public welfare administration.


Abbott, Edith, 1876-1957

Abbott, Grace, 1878-1939

Addams, Jane, 1860-1935

Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston, 1866-1948

Child Labor -- Law and Legislation

Immigrations -- Law and Legislation

Social Reformers -- United States

Social Service -- History

Social Work Education

Women Social Reformers -- United States

Hull-House (Chicago, Ill.)

University of Nebraska -- Alumni

Series Description:

Series 1: Correspondence and Biographical Materials, Edith Abbott Box 1

This series contains correspondence written to or by Edith Abbott, including letters from family and friends, with some relating to Grace's death. The majority of family letters are from her brother, Arthur O. Abbott, which provide details on their parents health and farm activities. The professional correspondence addresses issues concerning legal, legislative, and educational work that Edith was involved with during her career. This series also includes biographical materials and the honorary degrees Edith received.

Series 2: Teaching Materials, Edith Abbott Boxes 2-8

Includes Edith's lecture notes for teaching at the School of Social Service Administration (SSA) at the University of Chicago. Among the topics for the classes are social work, state welfare, immigration, and public assistance. The teaching files include bibliographies, topic lists, typed lectures with notes and marginal comments, questions for class discussion, and related government documents. There is a set of student papers created for Edith's classes in the spring of 1950 and 1951.

Series 3: Research Files, Edith Abbott Boxes 8-12

The series includes Edith's research files that reflect the same topics she focused on in her teaching. Many of the files contain typed notes similar to those Edith used for teaching. Additional topics and individuals represented include the status of women, women and trade unions, John S. Mill, Benjamin Rush, and Louisa L. Schuyler.

Series 4: Writing and Publications, Edith Abbott Boxes 12-14

This series includes Edith's personal and professional writings. Within the personal writings is a typescript memoir about her childhood, her siblings, and their home. Another manuscript titled "The Treeless Plains" focuses on the Nebraska landscape. There are several boxes of Edith's professional articles written from 1905-1950. Each article is outlined in the container list for the collection.

Series 5: Correspondence and Biographical Materials, Grace Abbott Boxes 15-16

A small collection of personal and professional correspondence of Grace Abbott is included in this series, both letters written by Grace and sent to her. Many of the letters are those she wrote to her sister Edith. The memorials and tributes are those to Grace after her death, many are testimonials presented in the United States Congress. Other materials include pamphlets and articles on the Grace Abbott Homes, part of the Chicago Housing Project, the dedication of the SS Grace Abbott liberty ship, the Abbott Children's Center and the Nebraska Hall of Fame inclusion of Grace in 1978. There is a numbered set of postcards gathered by Grace during her European travels.

Series 6: Professional Materials, Grace Abbott Boxes 16-18

This series contains Grace's professional correspondence during her service as Chief of the Children's Bureau, United States Department of Labor. A scrapbook created of her work with the Children's Bureau includes radio scripts, memos, press releases, minutes, and publicity materials. The files include information on the development of the Child Labor Amendment and the Wagner-Lewis Bill on economic security. There are records pertaining to the White House Children's Conference of 1934. The professional articles written by Grace span the years 1927-1933. The subjects include child welfare, child labor, child care, and maternity.

Series 7: Abbott Family History Box 18

The majority of correspondence in this series are letters written by Arthur Abbott to "Dear Edith and Grace," or "Dear E and G." There are occasional letters to O.A. Abbott senior and to his granddaughter Charlotte Abbott. The correspondence includes information on Elizabeth Abbott, the family home in Grand Island, Nebraska, and some resources on the Abbott family law firm. An autograph album presented to O.A. Abbott for serving as the first lieutenant governor of Nebraska, dated February 1877, includes the signatures of senators in the Nebraska legislature.

Series 8: Photographs and Artifacts Boxes 19-20

Photographs of Edith, Grace, their niece Charlotte, their parents, brothers, and the Abbott family home are a part of this series. Additonal items include photographs of Sophonisba Breckinridge, one photograph of early immigrants, and a photograph of President Theodore Roosevelt "turning sod" for the Grand Island Public Library, Grand Island, Nebraska, in 1905.

Container List:

Series 1: Correspondence, Edith Abbott
Box 1. Folder 1. Personal correspondence, Edith Abbott, 1905-1939
Box 1. Folder 2. Personal correspondence, Edith Abbott, 1940-1942
Box 1. Folder 3. Personal correspondence, Edith Abbott, 1943-1944
Box 1. Folder 4. Professional correspondence, Edith Abbott, 1906-1936
Box 1. Folder 5. Professional correspondence, memorials, 1939
Box 1. Folder 6. Professional correspondence, Edith Abbott, 1942-1953
Box 1. Folder 7. Biographical materials, Edith Abbott, 1941
Box 1. Folder 8. Honorary degrees, Edith Abbott
Item 1. University of Nebraska, Litteraram Doctor, 1917
Item 2. Oberlin College, Doctor of Laws, 1937
Box 1. Folder 9. Awards and honorary degrees, Edith Abbott
Item 1. Illinois Welfare Association, Citation for Public Service, 1945
Item 2. Cook County Department of Welfare, First Honorary Life Member of Advisory Board, 1951
Box 1. Folder 10. Awards and honorary degrees, Edith Abbott
Item 1. University of Denver, Doctor of Humanities, 1952
Item 2. University of Denver, photograph with Chancellor, 1952
Item 3. Delta Gamma Fraternity, Order of the Delta Gamma Rose, Kappa Chapter, 1952

Series 2: Teaching Materials, Edith Abbott
Box 2. Folder 1. Lecture notes, Social Service Administration (SSA) 320, immigration
Box 2. Folder 2. Lecture notes, SSA322, immigration laws and policies
Box 2. Folder 3. Lecture notes, SSA322, immigration
Box 2. Folder 4. Lecture notes, SSA350, grant-in-aid
Box 2. Folder 5. Lecture notes, SSA353, nationality of women
Box 2. Folder 6. Lecture notes, SSA354, services for crippled children
Box 2. Folder 7. Lecture notes, SSA357, Stephen Girard
Box 2. Folder 8. Lecture notes, SSA357, federal government reorganization
Box 2. Folder 9. Lecture notes, SSA357, public assistance
Box 2. Folder 10. Lecture notes, SSA357, civil service 1
Box 2. Folder 11. Lecture notes, SSA357, civil service 2
Box 2. Folder 12. Lecture notes, SSA357, civil service 3
Box 3. Folder 1. Lecture notes, SSA357b, state welfare
Box 3. Folder 2. Lecture notes, SSA357b, American prisons
Box 3. Folder 3. Lecture notes, SSA361, American philanthropy
Box 3. Folder 4. Lecture notes, SSA361, social welfare in America 1
Box 3. Folder 5. Lecture notes, SSA361, social welfare in America 2
Box 3. Folder 6. Lecture notes, SSA361, social welfare in America 3
Box 3. Folder 7. Lecture notes, SSA361, History of Social Welfare in the U.S.
Box 3. Folder 8. Lecture notes, SSA361, History of Social Welfare in the U.S.
Box 4. Folder 9. Lecture notes, SSA361, History of Social Welfare in the U.S.
Box 3. Folder 10. Lecture notes, SSA361, immigration
Box 4. Folder 1. Lecture notes, SSA361, juvenile offenders
Box 4. Folder 2. Lecture notes, SSA361, American philanthropy 1
Box 4. Folder 3. Lecture notes, SSA361, American philanthropy 1a
Box 4. Folder 4. Lecture notes, SSA361, American philanthropy 1b
Box 4. Folder 5. Lecture notes, SSA361, colonial criminal law reform
Box 4. Folder 6. Lecture notes, SSA361, crime and punishment 1
Box 4. Folder 7. Lecture notes, SSA361, crime and punishment 2
Box 4. Folder 8. Lecture notes, SSA364, almshouses, workhouses
Box 4. Folder 9. Lecture notes, SSA364, English philanthropy 1
Box 4. Folder 10. Lecture notes, SSA364, English philanthropy 2
Box 5. Folder 1. Lecture notes, SSA364, Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839, humanitarian
Box 5. Folder 2. Lecture notes, SSA364, English philanthropy, history of, 18
Box 5. Folder 3. Lecture notes, SSA365, British social insurance
Box 5. Folder 4. Lecture notes, SSA365, English philanthropy 4
Box 5. Folder 5. Lecture notes, SSA369, British public health services
Box 5. Folder 6. Lecture notes, SSA369, English philanthropy 5
Box 5. Folder 7. Lecture notes, SSA395, subsidies 1
Box 5. Folder 8. Lecture notes, SSA464, subsidies 2
Box 6. Folder 1. Lecture notes, SSA461, social work in America, 1874-1879
Box 6. Folder 2. Lecture notes, SSA461, American prisons 1
Box 6. Folder 3. Lecture notes, SSA461, American philanthropy 2
Box 6. Folder 4. Lecture notes, SSA461, housing
Box 6. Folder 5. Lecture notes, SSA461, American philanthropy 3
Box 6. Folder 6. Lecture notes, SSA464, English philanthropy 2
Box 6. Folder 7. Lecture notes, SSA464, housing and public health
Box 6. Folder 8. Lecture notes, early English philanthropy, poverty
Box 6. Folder 9. Lecture notes, early English philanthropy, new poor law
Box 7. Folder 1. Lecture Notes, early English philanthropy
Box 7. Folder 2. Lecture Notes, History of Social Politics
Box 7. Folder 3. Subject Files, term papers, no. 1
Box 7. Folder 4. Subject Files, term paper, no. 2
Box 7. Folder 5. Subject Files, term paper, no. 3
Box 7. Folder 6. Subject Files, term paper, no. 4
Box 8. Folder 1. Subject Files, term paper, no. 5
Box 8. Folder 2. Subject Files, term paper, no. 6
Box 8. Folder 3. Subject Files, term paper, no. 7

Series 3: Research Files, Edith Abbott
Box 8. Folder 4. Addams, Jane, memorial service program, 1935
Box 8. Folder 5. American Association of Schools of Social Work Conference, reports (1), 1950
Box 8. Folder 6. American Association of Schools of Social Work Conference, reports (2), 1950
Box 8. Folder 7. Apprenticeship (colonial)
Box 8. Folder 8. Bentham, Jeremy, 1746-1832
Box 8. Folder 9. Blind, 1746-1832
Box 8. Folder 10. Booth, Charles, 1840-1916
Box 8. Folder 11. Breckinridge, Sophonisba P.
Box 8. Folder 12. Research articles, Breckinridge, Sophonisba P.
Box 8. Folder 13. Brinkerhoff, Roeliff, 1828-1911
Box 8. Folder 14. Carpenter, Mary, 1809-1877
Box 8. Folder 15. Chartism
Box 8. Folder 16. Child care, Scottish Advisory Council, reports, 1950
Box 8. Folder 17. Children in prisons
Box 8. Folder 18. Children's Emergency Fund
Box 9. Folder 1. Civil League of Lexington, Kentucky, minutes, 1900-1912
Box 9. Folder 2. Civil service history, 1940-1944
Box 9. Folder 3. Deaf-mute reports
Box 9. Folder 4. Deportation bill
Box 9. Folder 5. Dix, Dorthea, 1802-1887
Box 9. Folder 6. Eddy, Thomas, 1758-1829
Box 9. Folder 7. Education and charities
Box 9. Folder 8. Endowments
Box 9. Folder 9. English poor laws
Box 9. Folder 10. English poor laws, newspaper clippings
Box 9. Folder 11. English poor laws, charities
Box 10. Folder 1. Hampton, Virgil,  Social Service Review, 1942
Box 10. Folder 2. Home for the friendless
Box 10. Folder 3. Howe, Samuel
Box 10. Folder 4. Hunger, disease, poverty
Box 10. Folder 5. Insane, care of 1
Box 10. Folder 6. Insane, care of 2
Box 10. Folder 7. Insanity
Box 10. Folder 8. Irish poor laws
Box 10. Folder 9. Immigration, German
Box 10. Folder 10. Letchworth, William P.
Box 10. Folder 11. Ludwich, Christopher
Box 10. Folder 12. Massachusetts charities, 1864-1873
Box 10. Folder 13. Maternity and infancy, 1934-1940
Box 10. Folder 14. Mill, John S., 1806-1873
Box 10. Folder 15. Oglethorpe, Edward, 1695-1785
Box 10. Folder 16. Orphan Asylum Society, 1806-1896
Box 10. Folder 17. Orphan asylums, 1801
Box 11. Folder 1. Pensions
Box 11. Folder 2. Poor laws, before 1800
Box 11. Folder 3. Poor laws, 1800-1834
Box 11. Folder 4. Prisons, penal systems, South Carolina, 1866-1916
Box 11. Folder 5. Public health, 1834-1852
Box 11. Folder 6. Public welfare
Box 11. Folder 7. Red Cross and Clara Barton
Box 11. Folder 8. Rush, Benjamin, 1745-1813
Box 11. Folder 9. Schuyler, Louisa L., 1837-1926
Box 11. Folder 10. Social work education
Box 11. Folder 11. State relief funds, 1932-1944
Box 11. Folder 12. Transportation, 1606-1709
Box 11. Folder 13. Tuckerman, Joseph, 1778-1840
Box 11. Folder 14. Unionizing public employees
Box 11. Folder 15. Wald, Lillian D., 1867-1940, public health nursing, 1941
Box 11. Folder 16. Wesley, John
Box 11. Folder 17. White House conference, 1947
Box 11. Folder 18. Women's movement, economic foundation, 1914
Box 11. Folder 19. Women, trade unions
Box 11. Folder 20. Young, A., 1741-1820
Box 11. Folder 21. Research pamphlets, 1810-1827
Box 11. Folder 22. Research pamphlets, 1829-1841
Box 11. Folder 23. Research pamphlets, 1843-1851, 1872, 1896, 1900
Box 12. Folder 1. Research pamphlets, occasional papers, 1906-1907, 1908
Box 12. Folder 2. Research pamphlets, 1910-1920s
Box 12. Folder 3. Research pamphlets, 1920-193os
Box 12. Folder 4. Research pamphlets, 1940s

Series 4: Writings and Publications, Edith Abbott
Box 12. Folder 5. Typescript, "The Treeless Plains," two versions, 1945
Box 12. Folder 6. Typescripts, "Grace Abbott, Her Sister's Story of Her Life and Work," on childhood, 1947-1950
Box 12. Folder 7. Typescripts, "Grace Abbott, Her Sister's Story of Her Life and Work" on Hull House, 1948-1950
Box 12. Folder 8. Typescript, "American Immigration Legislation, History and Present Policies"
Box 12. Folder 9. Typescript, American Immigration Legislation, chapter 2, part 1
Box 12. Folder 10. Typescript, American Immigration Legislation, chapter 2, part 2
Box 12. Folder 11. Typescript, American Immigration Legislation, chapter 3, part 1
Box 13. Folder 1. Typescript, American Immigration Legislation, chapter 3, part 2
Box 13. Folder 2. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1905-1908
Item 1. "The Wages of Unskilled Labor in the United States 1850-1900," Journal of Political Economy,  1905, June
Item 2. "Woman Suffrage Militant: the New Movement in England," Independent, 1906, Nov. 29
Item 3. "Employment of Women in Industries Twelfth Census Statistics," Journal of Political Economy, 1906
Item 4. "Municipal Employment of Unemployed Women in London," Journal of Political Economy, 1907, Nov.
Box 13. Folder 3. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1911
Item 1. "English Poor-Law Reform," Journal of Political Economy, 1911, Jan.
Item 2. "Women in Industry: The Chicago Stockyards," Journal of Political Economy, 1911, Oct.
Item 3. "The School and the Working-Child: A Plea for Employment Supervision in City Schools. (with Sophonisba P. Breckinridge)," Finding Employment for Children Who Leave the Grade Schools to go to Work, 1911, Dec.
Item 4. "Public Care of Working-Children in England and Germany: Some Notes on Juvenile Labour Exchanges," Finding Employment for Children Who Leave the Grade Schools to go to Work, 1911, Dec.
Box 13. Folder 4. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1915
Item 1. "Progress of the Minimum Wage in England," Journal of Political Economy,  1915, Mar.
Item 2. "Education for Social Work," Report of the Commissioner of Education,  1915, June 30
Item 3. "Are Women A Force for Good Government? An Analysis of the Returns in the Recent Municipal Election in Chicago," 1915
Item 4. "Crime in Chicago," New Republic, 1915
Item 5. "Field Work and the Training of the Social Worker," Reports and Address of the National Conference of Charities and Correction, 1915
Item 6. "The Real Jail Problem," Juvenile Protective Agency of Chicago, 1915
Item 7. "Statistics Relating to Crime in Chicago," Report to the City Council on Crime of the City of Chicago, 1915
Item 8. "Women's Wages in Chicago: Some Notes on Available Data," Journal of Political Economy,  1915(?)
Box 13. Folder 5. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1916-1917
Item 1. "The Woman Voter and the Spoils System in Chicago," National Municipal Review, 1916, July
Item 2. "The One Hundred and One County Jails of Illinois and Why They Ought to be Abolished,"Juvenile Protective Agency of Chicago, 1916
Item 3. "Charles Booth, 1840-1916," Journal of Political Economy, 1917, Feb.
Item 4. "War and Women's Work in England," Journal of Political Economy (2), 1917, July
Item 5. "Field Work Training with Social Agencies," Report of the Association of Urban Universities (2), 1917, Nov.
Item 6. "Experimental Period of Widow's Pension Legislation," Reports and Address of the National Conference of Social Work, 1917
Box 13. Folder 6. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1918-1919
Item 1. "Crime and the War," Journal of American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology (2), 1918, May
Item 2. "Democracy and Social Progress in England," University of Chicago War Papers (2), 1918
Item 3. "The Social Case Worker and the Enforcement of Industrial Legislation," National Conference of Social Work (2), 1918
Item 4. "Probation and Suspended Sentence,"American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology (2), 1919
Item 5. "Labor and Labor Organizations," Review of Books, 1919
Box 13. Folder 7. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1921-1922, 1924
Item 1. "The Administration of the Aid-to-Mothers Law in Illinois," (with Sophonisba Breckinridge) Children's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor, 1921
Item 2. "Recent Statistics Relating to Crime in Chicago," Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (2), 1922, Nov.
Item 3. "Immigration Legislation and the Problems of Assimilation," Proceedings of the National Conference of Social Work, 1924, June
Box 14. Folder 1. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1929-1930
Item 1. "A Message to the Alumni, University of Chicago," Graduate School of Social Service Administration, 1929, June
Item 2. "Report of the Dean of the School of Social Service Administration 1929-1930, President's Report," University of Chicago, 1930
Item 3. "Convocation Address: The University and Social Welfare," The University Record, 1930, October
Item 4. "The University and Social Welfare,"  The University Record, 1930, October
Item 5. "Report of the Dean of the School of Social Service Administration 1930-1931, President's Report," University of Chicago, 1931
Box 14. Folder 2. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1933-1936
Item 1. "The Crisis in Relief," The Nation (2 copies), 1933, Oct.
Item 2. "Evictions During the Chicago Rent Moratorium Established by the Relief Agencies, 1931-1933," with Katherine Kiesling, 1933
Item 3. "Abolish the Pauper Laws," The Social Service Review, 1934, Mar.
Item 4. "'Work Relief' Before the Courts: Selected Court Decisions," The Social Service Review, 1934
Item 5. "Work Relief and Workmen's Compensation: Selected Court Decisions II," The Social Service Review, 1935, June
Item 6. "The Pauper Laws Still Go On," The Social Service Review, 1935, Dec.
Item 7. "Notes and Comment Federal Grants-in-Aid for Home Relief," The Social Service Review, 1935, Dec.
Item 8. "Don't Do It, Mr. Hopkins!," The Nation, 1935
Item 9. "Public Welfare and Politics," The Social Service Review, 1936, Sept.
Box 14. Folder 3. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1937
Item 1. "Tenements of Chicago: 1908-1935," American Economic Review, 1937, Sept.
Item 2. "Public Assistance – Whither Bound?,"National Conference of Social Work, 1937, Sept.
Item 3. "Some American Pioneers in Social Welfare" University of Chicago Press, 1937
Box 14. Folder 4. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, "Grace Abbott, A Sister's Memories," The Social Service Review, 1939, Sept.
Box 14. Folder 5. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, "Unemployment Relief A Federal Responsiblity," The Social Service Review, 1940, Sept.
Box 14. Folder 6. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, "Twenty-One Years of University Education for Social Services, 1920-1941," A Report to the Alumni, University of Chicago, 1942
Box 14. Folder 7. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, 1947-1950
Item 1. "The Work of Thomas H. Gallaudet and the Teaching of the Deaf," American Social Welfare History Select Documents,  The Social Service Review, 1947
Item 2. "Grace Abbott and Hull House 1908-1921," The Social Service Review, 1950, Dec.
Box 14. Folder 8. Article reprints, Edith Abbott, undated
Item 1. "The Wage-Earning Woman and the State A Reply to Miss Minnie Bronson" (with Sophonisba Breckinridge) Boston Equal Suffrage Association for Good Government
Item 2. "A Forgotten Minimum Wage Bill"
Item 3. "Progess of the Minimum Wage in England"
Item 4. "The English Working-Woman and the Franchise"

Series 5: Correspondence and Biographical Materials, Grace Abbott
Box 15. Folder 1. Personal correspondence, Grace Abbott, 1909-1935
Box 15. Folder 2. Professional correspondence, Grace Abbott, 1920-1939
Box 15. Folder 3. Biographical materials, Grace Abbott
Box 15. Folder 4. Will and testament, Grace Abbott, 1932, 1942
Box 15. Folder 5. Memorials, testimonies, Grace Abbott
Box 15. Folder 6. Memorials, Grace Abbott
Box 15. Folder 7. Honorary degrees
Item 1. Grand Island College, Honorary Degree of Law, 1931
Item 2. University of Nebraska, Doctor of Law, 1931
Item 3. Mount Holyoke College, Litterarum Doctoris, 1935
Item 4. University of Wisconsin, Doctor of Law, 1932
Box 15. Folder 8. Program,  SS Grace Abbott liberty ship program, 1942
Box 16. Folder 9. Newspaper clippings, Abbott Children's Center, Peoria, Illinois, 1950
Box 15. Folder 10. Pamphlet, newspaper clippings, Abbott Homes of Chicago Housing Project, 1954
Box 15. Folder 11. Program, newspaper clippings, Nebraska Hall of Fame, 1978
Box 16. Folder 1. Postcards, European travels, numbers 1-55, 1925
Box 16. Folder 2. Postcards, European travels, numbers 56-113, 1925
Box 16. Folder 3. Postcards, European travels, numbers 114-185, 1925

Series 6: Professional Materials, Grace Abbott
Box 16. Folder 4. Scrapbook, Children's Bureau, 1921-1934
Box 17. Folder 1. Children's Bureau- U.S. Dept. Of Labor, 1920-1930
Box 17. Folder 2. Rights of Children, 1928-1930
Box 17. Folder 3. Children's Bureau Communication, Child Labor Amendment, 1924-1925
Box 17. Folder 4. Children's Bureau pamphlets, undated
Box 17. Folder 5. Children Labor Amendment #2, opposition, 1925
Box 17. Folder 6. Children Labor Amendment, proposal, 1922-1924
Box 17. Folder 7. Economic Security, No. 1, Wagner-Lewis Bill, outline, 1934-1936
Box 17. Folder 8. Economic Security, No. 2, Wagner-Lewis Bill, Economical Security Advisory Committee, 1934-1935
Box 17. Folder 9. Economic Security, No. 3, Wagner-Lewis Bill, economical security, unemployment compensation, 1934-1935
Box 17. Folder 10. Article reprints, Grace Abbott, 1930
Item 1. "Federal Government in Relation to Maternity and Infancy" American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, 1930
Box 17. Folder 11. Article reprints, Grace Abbott, 1927-1939
Item 1. "Developing Standards of Rural Child Welfare," 1927
Item 2. "Social Security Act and Relief," University of Chicago Law Review, 1936
Item 3. "Federal Regulation of Children Labor," Social Security Review, 1939
Box 18. Folder 1. Annual reports, Children's Bureau, 1927-1931
Item 1. Annual reports, Children's Bureau, 1922-1931
Box 18. Folder 2. Statements, maternity and infancts
Item 1. "Statements, Extension of Protection of Maternity and Infant Act," 1926
Item 2. "Statements, Federal Government in Relations to Maternity and Infant Act," 1930
Box 18. Folder 3. "Survey of Boston Settlements and Neighborhood Houses," 1934

Series 7: Abbott Family Materials
Box 18. Folder 4. Personal correspondence, Edith and Grace, 1903-1939
Box 18. Folder 5. Family correspondence, 1944-1950, undated
Box 18. Folder 6. Family correspondence, professional, 1897-1941
Box 18. Folder 7. Abbott family history
Box 18. Folder 8. Abbott Family Reunion, 1939, June 15
Box 18. Folder 9. Autograph album, Nebraska Senate, presented to O. A. Abbott, 1877

Series 8: Photographs
Box 19. Folder 1. Photographs, Edith Abbott, 1876-1940
Box 19. Folder 2. Photographs, Grace Abbott, 1878-1939
Box 19. Folder 3. Photographs, Edith and Grace Abbott, 1920-1939
Box 19. Folder 4. Photographs, Charlotte Abbott, 1930-1939
Box 19. Folder 5. Photographs, Abbott Family
Box 19. Folder 6. Photographs, Abbott family home, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1876-1939
Box 19. Folder 7. Photographs, academic settings of Edith and Grace, 1920-1942
Box 19. Folder 8. Photographs, S. P. Breckinridge, 1866-1948
Box 19. Folder 9. Photographs, early immigrants, 1900
Box 19. Folder 10. Photographs, President Theodore Roosevelt, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1905
Box 19. Folder 11. Photographs, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 75th Anniversary, program, misc.
Box 20.  Photographs, miscellaneous oversize, 1924 (please see audio/visual materials)

Related Material and Resources: 

The University of Chicago Library houses selected papers of Edith and Grace Abbott, including correspondence, speeches, academic and professional materials, and biographical information. Access to the finding aid for the collection is available from the Special Collections Research Center. In addition, papers relating to the Abbott Family, and a finding aid, can be located at the Nebraska State Historical Society.

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