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Annie Prey Jorgensen, Student Life Papers

Title: Annie Prey Jorgensen, Student Life Papers

Creator: Jorgensen, Anne Elizabeth Prey, 1873-1937

Dates: 1892-1935

Quantity: 1 box (0.4 linear feet)

Collection Number: MS 0042

Language: English

Restrictions: None

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Preferred Citation: Annie Prey Jorgensen, Student Life Papers (MS 0042). Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries.


Born in Roca, Nebraska, in 1873, Annie Elizabeth Prey moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, with her family in 1887. John Wilson Prey and Frances (Lehmer) Prey, her parents, had settled in Nebraska in 1856. Annie completed high school and prep school in Lincoln and then entered the University of Nebraska in 1892. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1896 and her Master of Arts degree in 1898. In 1899 she became Head of the English Department at York College. While teaching at the college, Prey met Theodore Jorgensen. They married in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1902.

Between 1905 and 1913 the Jorgensens had five children, and each of them would attend the University of Nebraska as well. In 1915 the Jorgensens moved to Sorum, South Dakota, and took teaching positions at Thrall Academy. Annie continued to teach there after it became Sorum High School. She continued teaching until her death in 1937.

Scope and Content:

The collection contains original, photocopied, and transcribed correspondence and manuscripts, along with Jorgensen's class notes, biographical materials, and photographs. Most of the collection consists of papers and articles written by Jorgensen during her years at the University of Nebraska. Many of the manuscripts include handwritten edits in red pencil, which were done by Professor Herbert Bates, an English instructor at the University of Nebraska. Willa Cather, youth editor for National Stockman and Farmer published Prey's A Cannibal on August 27, 1896, as a part of a column titled "Our Young Folks." The manuscript "Blinky's Tobacco Indian" was later published as "A Tobacco Indian," also in the National Stockman and Farmer, November 12, 1896. A third manuscript, "The Fat Little Girl," was published in The Interior, August 1895. Also included in the collection are reminiscences by Theodore Jorgensen and John Prey and photographs of Annie Prey's classmates at the University of Nebraska. The correspondence includes a photocopy of a letter written by Willa Cather, dated July 11, 1896, in which Cather asks Jorgensen to send her children's stories for the Home Monthly. Additional copies or printouts relate to family history, including biographical materials on Theodore Jorgensen, John Prey, and Ted Jorgensen.


Jorgensen, Anne Elizabeth Prey, 1873-1937

Jorgensen, Theodore

Prey, John W.

Container List: Box 1. Folder 1. Correspondence (photocopies), 1869-1939 Box 1. Folder 2. Class notebooks Box 1. Folder 3. "About Dickens" Box 1. Folder 4. "Actors" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 5. "As Her Mother Said" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 6. "Belle" Box 1. Folder 7. "Blinky's Tobacco Indian" Box 1. Folder 8. "Character Sketch - The Girl" Box 1. Folder 9. "Cost of an Education" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 10. "Criticism of a Junior Theme" Box 1. Folder 11. "Dilsey Forsythe" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 12. "Drummer" Box 1. Folder 13. "English Composition Theme"(photocopy) Box 1. Folder 14. "Evolution of a Playhouse" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 15. "Fat Little Girl" Box 1. Folder 16. "Flash of Sympathy" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 17. "For the Best" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 18. "Forty-eight below" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 19. "Glance at Labor" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 20. "Halloween and Calculus" Box 1. Folder 21. "Her Happiness" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 22. "His First Theft" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 23. "In a Blizzard" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 24. "Jean's Angel" Box 1. Folder 25. "Knack of Writing Parodies" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 26. "Lois - A Character Sketch" Box 1. Folder 27. "Maud's Love Affair" Box 1. Folder 28. "Miss Nancy and the Twins" Box 1. Folder 29. "Most Beautiful Thing in the World" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 30. "My Vacation Acquaintances" Box 1. Folder 31. "Passionate Man" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 32. "Philosophical Dissertation on the Essence of Ghost's" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 33. "Peachy" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 34. "Poems by Jorgensen" (photocopies) Box 1. Folder 35. "Price of Freedom" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 36. "St. Valentine's Day" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 37. "Shoemaker's Fairy Story" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 38. "Story of Hermione" Box 1. Folder 39. "Story of the Three Little Pigs" Box 1. Folder 40. "Tears of Mary" Box 1. Folder 41. "Uncle James Robert" Box 1. Folder 42. "Walk in the Woods" Box 1. Folder 43. "Young People of the Prairie" (photocopy) Box 1. Folder 44. Manuscript fragment, on South Dakota Box 1. Folder 45. Untitled, on gardens Box 1. Folder 46-47. Themes, manuscripts Box 1. Folder 48. Notebook, differential equations 1896, June 19 Box 2. Folder 1. Notebook, geology Box 2. Folder 2. Biographical materials (photocopies) Box 2. Folder 3. Photographs, portraits Box 2. Folder 4. Photographs, classmates Box 2. Folder 5. Letter, Annie Prey Jorgensen, 1936 blizzard (copy) Box 2. Folder 6. Biography excerpt, by Theodore Jorgensen (copy) 1918(?) Box 2. Folder 7. Typescript, on John W. Prey, (copy) Box 2. Folder 8. Ted Jorgensen,"You Should Thank Your Lucky Stars" (copy) Box 2. Folder 9. Jean Simon, Vivian Meyer, "History of Sorum High School,""History of Thrall Academy" (copies) Box 2. Folder 10. Typescript, autobiography, Derrick Norman Lehmer (copy), Lehmer family newsletter

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