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Rudolf Kopecky, Czech Heritage Papers

Title: Rudolf Kopecky, Czech Heritage Papers

Creator: Kopecky, Rudolf, 1893-1981

Dates: 1939-1981

Quantity: 17 boxes (7.0 linear feet)

Collection Number: MS 0089

Language: Czech, English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, and Slovak

Restrictions: None

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Preferred Citation: Rudolf Kopecky, Czech Heritage Papers (MS 0089). Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries.


Rudolf Kopecky was born in Prague (Czech Republic), on 27 December 1893. He studied at the Technological University in Prague but was drafted into the Austrian Army before he could complete a degree. During WWI, Kopecky served on the Russian Front. After the war, Kopecky worked at the newspapers Tribuna and Cas. After the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939, Kopecky published Prehled in Poland. During WWII, Kopecky moved through Poland, Romania, France, and London as he served in the Czechoslovak Legionnaires. In London, Kopecky assisted in the publication of Nase Noviny. After the war, he worked for the BBC. Rudolf Kopecky died in London on 25 November 1981.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of Kopecky's personal papers and includes biographical materials, correspondence, writings, subject files, and some newspaper clippings. The materials mainly relate to Kopecky's work as a political journalist after World War II. Almost all of the materials in the collection are in Czech. English translations are provided in quotations wherever possible.


Kopecky, Rudolf, 1893-1981 -- Archives

Czechs -- Foreign countries -- Correspondence

Czechoslovakia -- Politics and government -- 20th century -- Sources

Czechs -- Great Britain -- Archives

World War, 1939-1945 -- Journalists -- Archives

Series Description: Series 1: Biographical Materials, Box 1

This series contains photographs of Kopecky and his family as well as items related to his military career.

Series 2: Correspondence, Boxes 1-3

This series consists of correspondence to and from Kopecky, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent. Some of the correspondence is between Kopecky and staff members of various newspaper. The cities and countries listed in each folder title relate to the correspondent's residence or the newspaper's base of operations. Also included are letters of condolence to Kopecky's family after his death.

Series 3: Manuscripts and Publications, Boxes 4-11

This series includes an eight volume manuscript set of memoirs, various articles and essays published in Czech newspapers and periodicals, scripts of radio broadcasts, speeches, and political essays written by Kopecky.

Series 4: Subject Files, Boxes 11-17

The files in this series are arranged alphabetically by subject. The files relate to various topics of interest to Kopecky throughout his career as a journalist. They consist of correspondence, speeches, newsletters, and newspaper clippings

Series 5: Newspaper clippings, Box 17

This series contains articles about Kopecky, including obituaries.

Container List: Series 1: Biographical MaterialBox 1. Folder 1. Photographs, biographical materials

The photographs are of Kopecky and his wife from their youth and from their Golden and Diamond wedding anniversaries.

Box 1. Folder 2. Photographs, biographical materials

Photographs from Kopecky's military career along with military documents.

Series 2: CorrespondenceBox 1. Folder 3. Bardon, Frantisek, W. Germany, Czechoslovakia, 1969-1974

Correspondence between Kopecky and Bardon and his son Venek Bardon describing attempts of the Bardon family to escape from Czechoslovakia and stories about Bardon and his friends.

Box 1. Folder 4. Belina, Josef, London, England, 1943

Two letters from Belina to Kopecky concerning the political future of Czechoslovakia after WWII.

Box 1. Folder 5. Benes, B., London, England, 1941-1942

Correspondence between Kopecky and Benes, editor of the magazine Czechoslovak, concerning the Czechoslovak resistance movement in Poland during WWII.

Box 1. Folder 6. Beran, Jan, Rotterdam, Holland, 1956

Two letters from Beran to Kopecky concerning accusations that a third person held against them.

Box 1. Folder 7. Berton, S. F., Roseville, Australia, 1978-1981

Correspondence with Berton (a.k.a. Brzobohaty, a poet) who wanted to buy Kopecky's archive and support the publication of Kopecky's book about the Czechoslovak resistance movement in Poland. The core of the correspondence is on politics in Czechoslovakia from 1938. Includes several newspaper articles about Kopecky's book Zapomenute legie.

Box 1. Folder 8. Brom, Libor, Denver, Colorado, 1979-1981

Correspondence between Kopecky and Brom, a university professor, dealing with their work, Kopecky's articles about exile and resistance movements, and Brom's lectures.

Box 1. Folder 9. Broucek, M. J., Bayside, New York, 1963-1981

Correspondence to and from Broucek dealing with Radio Free Europe and its connections with the CIA, the Czechoslovak daily in the USA, Denni Hlasatel, political influences in Czech exile magazines, and personal animosities between magazine contributors.

Box 1. Folder 10. Bulin, F., Chicago, Illinois, 1980-1981

Correspondence between Bulin and Kopecky discussing the problems of the Czech daily newspaper in the U.S., Denni Hlasatel.

Box 1. Folder 11. Cejnar, A., Bromley, Kent, England, 1976-1978

Correspondence from Kopecky to Cejnar on Rhodesia.

Box 1. Folder 12. David, Jozka, London, England, 1942

Two letters between Kopecky and David, a member of Parliament, concerning political issues.

Box 1. Folder 13. Denni Hlasatel, Chicago, Illinois, 1973-1981

Correspondence related to editorial staff finances, problems with ownership, and censorship. Additional correspondents include Huebschova, Bulin, Sourek, Zolman, Kucera, and Tuma. Includes articles about E. Benes' politics and an entry from the U.S. Congressional Record about the thirtieth anniversary of communist coup in Czechoslovakia.

Box 1. Folder 14. Desensky, Fr., Berwyn, Illinois, 1976-1977

Correspondence between Desensky and Kopecky dealing with the financial situation of Denni Hlasatel and personal problems among the editorial staff. Includes articles about Thanksgiving.

Box 1. Folder 15. Fiedler, F., Paris, France, 1952, 1979-1981

Correspondence concerning the Czechoslovak "Sokol" movement in exile, particularly in France, England, and the U.S. Includes newsletters about "Sokol" in Paris.

Box 1. Folder 16. Folke, Vlastimil, Berwyn, Illinois, 1972-1973

Correspondence between Kopecky and Folke dealing with the problems of Zpravodaj, where Kopecky published his articles.

Box 1. Folder 17. Frana, Jan, Canary Islands, Spain, 1966, 1974, 1979-1980

Correspondence between Frana and Kopecky concerning life in exile and memories of old friends from Czechoslovakia.

Box 1. Folder 18. Hilf, Rudolf, Munich, W. Germany, 1966, 1973, 1981

Correspondence between Hilf and Kopecky in Czech and German on Czechoslovak magazines in exile.

Box 1. Folder 19. Hlas Naroda, Chicago, Illinois, 1981

One letter to the editors concerning Kopecky's life.

Box 1. Folder 20. Hlavaty, Vaclav, Bloomington, Indiana, 1955, 1958

Correspondence dealing with the meeting of the western powers with the USSR, neutralization of the countries in Eastern and Central Europe, and Czechoslovak-German relations.

Box 1. Folder 21. Hofirek, S., Melbourne, Australia, 1977

One letter from Kopecky to Hofirek criticizing some of the Czechoslovak exiles that left the country after the year 1948.

Box 1. Folder 22. Hovorka, Washington, D. C., 1978-1979

Correspondence dealing with politics in Great Britain and U.S.

Box 1. Folder 23. Hrabik, M., Cleveland, Ohio, 1948, 1978-1981

Correspondence on the situation in exile, political parties, magazines, and personal health information.

Box 1. Folder 24. Hruban, Z., Chicago, Illinois, 1976-1981

Correspondence on Kopeckey's memoirs, opening his archive in Chicago, a biography of Bohuslav Brouk, and a photograph of Hruban.

Box 1. Folder 25. Huebsch, Milana, Cicero, Illinois, 1975-1977

Correspondence to Huebsch from Denni Hlasatel asking for help in her journalist career and a brief autobiography of Kopecky.

Box 1. Folder 26. Janecek, M., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 1979-1981

Correspondence between Kopecky and Janacek concerning Czechoslovak magazines in exile, especially Nas Domov and Kanadske Listy. One issue of Kanadske listy.

Box 1. Folder 27. Josten, Josef, London, England, 1980

Correspondence offering congratulations on Kopecky's diamond wedding anniversary.

Box 1. Folder 28. Kalina, Anthony S., Cleveland, Ohio, 1978-1980

Correspondence on Kalina's London trip.

Box 1. Folder 29. Kalvoda, Josef, Avon, Connecticut, 1970, 1976-1981

Correspondence on Kopecky's and Kalvoda's writing career and about books and articles written in exile. Contains circular letters from The Council of Free Czechoslovakia and copies of articles from magazines.

Box 1. Folder 30. Klecanda, V., London, England, 1943

One letter from Kopecky to Klecanda.

Box 1. Folder 31. Kobliha, B., London, England, 1970-1981

Correspondence with Kobliha from the Naarden Committee, Czechoslovakia, and from the Czechoslovak Ministry of Interior, and an article commemorating the death of Slovak.

Box 1. Folder 32. Krajina, Vladimir, London, England, 1948

One letter from Kopecky to Krajina.

Box 1. Folder 33. Kucera, Jaroslav, Munich, W. Germany, 1969

Includes Kucera comments on Kopecky's article and a copy of Kucera's article "S otevrenymi kartami."

Box 1. Folder 34. Kukiel, M., General, London, England, 1941-1948

Correspondence concerning Poland and the Polish exile. In Polish, English, and Czech.

Box 2. Folder 1. Kulka, Erich, Jerusalem, Israel, 1970-1973

Correspondence between Kopecky and Kulka dealing with the role of Czechoslovak Jews in the resistance movements during WWII.

Box 2. Folder 2. Kuncir, Jan, South Paris, Maine, 1966-1968

Correspondence from the Movement of Czechoslovak Christian-Democrats in exile and also some articles from the magazine "Demokracia v Exile (Democracy in Exile)" .

Box 2. Folder 3. Langer, Jan, London, England, 1968

Correspondence dealing with attempts to find a job in Great Britain for Langer, son of a famous Czech writer.

Box 2. Folder 4. Locherova, Helen, Tasmania, Australia, 1980

Correspondence to and from Locherova.

Box 2. Folder 5. Lukastik, Zdenek, Zurich, Switzerland, 1979

Correspondence on the death of Lukastik's father, an important member of the Sokol movement.

Box 2. Folder 6. Macek, Josef, Vancouver, Canada, 1960-1963

Correspondence containing inquiries on the international politics of President Benes.

Box 2. Folder 7. Mackenzie-Gillanders, J. V., Scotland, 1979-1981

Correspondence dealing with the situation in exile, books on Czechoslovak international politics, and Czechoslovak politicians.

Box 2. Folder 8. Marek, Leo W., Chicago, Illinois, 1977-1980

Includes inquiries on anti-Semitism in Czechoslovakia and the Hilsner Case, with articles about the case, and photographs.

Box 2. Folder 9. Mastnik, Zdenek, London, England, 1978-1980

Concerning books for Kopecky's library.

Box 2. Folder 10. Mestan, J., Schongau im Tal, Germany, 1956-1958

Information on the situation in Czechoslovakia, the idea of re-creating the National Democratic party in exile, and the magazine Modra Revue.

Box 2. Folder 11. Matousek, Ladislav, Brookfield, Illinois, 1971-1981

Concerning the political situation in the United States and Denni Hlasatel.

Box 2. Folder 12. Milec, Leos, France, 1977-1981

On the Sokol movement and its problems in exile.

Box 2. Folder 13. Mladek, Josef, Belfast, Ireland, 1970-1971, 1980

Correspondence with Kopecky's family friends.

Box 2. Folder 14. Nase Hlasy, Toronto, Canada, 1973-1979

Letters to the editors of Nase Hlasy, where Kopecky published some articles.

Box 2. Folder 15. Nigrin, K., London, England, 1942

On Czechoslovak-Polish relations.

Box 2. Folder 16. Nova Vlast, Vienna, Austria, 1978-1979

About Kopecky's articles and two issues of the magazine Nova Vlast.

Box 2. Folder 17. Osuska, Pavla, Washington, D. C., 1964-1965, 1974-1977

Concerning politics and the Munich Treaty of 1938, President Benes, and Osusky.

Box 2. Folder 18. Pagac, Stefan, New York, New York, 1975-1981

About the Lausman case and on relations between Czechs and Slovaks, along with an audio tape lecture regarding the case. In Czech and Slovak.

Box 2. Folder 19. Palecek, A., Schoharie, New York, 1973-1986

Includes published articles on Czech history, Czech language, and Palecek's article "Ceskoslovenske dejiny v aforismech."

Box 2. Folder 20. Pasek, Petr, Zurich, Switzerland, 1973-1975

On Pasek's publishing activities in exile and Kopecky's historical writings.

Box 2. Folder 21. Pekelsky, Vladimir, Cologne, W. Germany, 1950, 1962

Two letters concerning work for Czechoslovak exiles.

Box 2. Folder 22. Polak, F., London, England, 1959

One letter dealing with the resistance movement in Poland during WWII.

Box 2. Folder 23. Rabas, Jerry A., Berwyn, Illinois, 1966-1981

Correspondence concerning work in Czechoslovakia and Kopecky's articles.

Box 2. Folder 24. Rabl, Kurt, Munich, W. Germany, 1957

Correspondence dealing with the history of Central Europe in the first half of the 20th century and with Czech-German relations.

Box 2. Folder 25. Reban, John, Cleveland, Ohio, 1976-1979

Concerning the publication of Kopecky's articles in Novy Svet.

Box 3. Folder 1. Reznicek, Stanley, Cicero, Illinois, 1977-1980

Correspondence dealing with Reznicek's attempts to publish Kopecky's book Memories of an Old Journalist, photographs of the Czechoslovak legions in Russia, articles and documents on anti-Communism and anti-Semitism, and a manuscript of Reznicek's short story.

Box 3. Folder 2. Ripka, Hubert, London, England, 1942

One letter to Ripka and an article by Kopecky on politics and his activities in exile.

Box 3. Folder 3. Sabina-Szabo, Ernst, Berggaarden, Denmark, 1974-1979

Correspondence with Sabina-Szabo.

Box 3. Folder 4. Sach, Josef, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, 1977

Correspondence with Sach, a Czech Catholic priest in Ontario.

Box 3. Folder 5. Samal, Josef, Clifton, New Jersey, 1954, 1957, 1966

On Kopecky's career in journalism.

Box 3. Folder 6. Skvor, Jiri, SVU, Canada, 1973

About Kopecky's published work in the magazine Promeny.

Box 3. Folder 7. Sladecek, Z., 1969

A copy of a letter to Sladecek dealing with Czech-German relations.

Box 3. Folder 8. Starkova, Vera, Earley, Reading, England, 1971-1974

Regarding Kopecky's lectures and questions on whether President Masaryk was a Mason.

Box 3. Folder 9-10. Svoboda, Joseph, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1976-1980

Correspondence on the donation of Kopecky's papers and memoirs to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Box 3. Folder 11. Svoboda, Milos, Munich, W. Germany, 1966-1968, 1975-1980

On Kopecky's articles published in Narodni Politika and some letters to and from Erhard Morgenstern in German.

Box 3. Folder 12. Toufar, F. A., England, 1980

Correspondence between Toufar and Kopecky.

Box 3. Folder 13. Travleiev, Vera, 1980

About Kopecky's article in Hlasatel.

Box 3. Folder 14. Trebeska, Josef, Canada, 1977-1981

Correspondence between Trebeska and Kopecky.

Box 3. Folder 15. Trnka, Jaroslav, Paris, France, 1967-1981

Correspondence with Trnka on their acquaintances, friends, publishing, and writing.

Box 3. Folder 16. Turek, Frantisek, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1945-1947

Contains memories from the war years, the resistance movement in Poland, post-war life, and political situation in Czechoslovakia and England.

Box 3. Folder 17. Vansittart, Robert, Lord, London, England, 1948

Three letters in English to Vansittart concerning the problems of Czech refugees in England.

Box 3. Folder 18. Vilim, Blazej, London, England, 1949

Correspondence dealing with the Czechoslovak Relief Committee in London.

Box 3. Folder 19. Vlach, Antonin, Hamburg, W. Germany, 1958-1959

Correspondence with the editor in chief of the magazine Sklizen concerning Kopecky's articles.

Box 3. Folder 20. Vondrak, V., Santiago, Chile, 1960

Two letters from Vondrak, one written in Czech dealing with Kopecky's articles in Modra Revue and the other one in Russian.

Box 3. Folder 21. Wandycz, Piotr S., New Haven, Connecticut, 1967, 1973

Correspondence with questions from Wandycz about his book on Czechoslovak politics. In English.

Box 3. Folder 22. Zak, Milos, Adelaide, Australia, 1958, 1966

Concerning Zak's personal and financial problems.

Box 3. Folder 23. Zolman, Vaclav J., Berwyn, Illinois, 1976-1980

Letters concerning Kopecky's articles in Denni Hlasatel.

Box 3. Folder 24. General correspondence, 1940-1981

On various topics, mainly describing Kopecky's activities.

Box 3. Folder 25. Condolences

To Kopecky's wife from friends and acquaintances.

Series 3: Manuscripts and PublicationsBox 4. Folder 1. "Old Journalist's Memoirs (Vzpominky stareho novinare)" v. 1, 1970

Kopecky on his childhood, his family, and about the influences on his life.

Box 4. Folder 2. "Old Journalist's Memoirs (Vzpominky stareho novinare)" v. 2, 1970

About the situation during the World War I, official Czech politics, and his personal experience during the war.

Box 4. Folder 3. "Old Journalist's Memoirs (Vzpominky stareho novinare)," v. 3, 1970

About the 1948 coup, the first election, and the situation between Czechs and Slovaks.

Box 4. Folder 4. "Old Journalist's Memoirs (Vzpominky stareho novinare)," v. 4, 1970

Kopecky on the First Republic, his journalistic career, and the periodical Cas.

Box 5. Folder 1. "Old Journalist's Memoirs (Vzpominky stareho novinare)," v. 5, 1971

Includes chapters on the National Liberation League, Kopecky's study stay in Germany, German pacifists, the organization "Volna Myslenka (Freethought)," the Czech poet J.S. Machar, political writer Karel Kraus, T.G. Masaryk, and masonry in the Czechoslovak Republic.

Box 5. Folder 2. "Old Journalist's Memoirs (Vzpominky stareho novinare)" v. 6, 1976

References the world economic depression and its influence on Czechoslovakia, German politics in Czechoslovakia, the National Union in Czechoslovakia, the first Czechoslovak Prime Minister Karel Kramar, Jiri Stribrny, and the end of Czechoslovak Republic.

Box 5. Folder 3. "Old Journalist's Memoirs (Vzpominky stareho novinare)" v. 7, 1975

Discusses external activities in Poland, France, and Great Britain.

Box 5. Folder 4. "Old Journalist's Memoirs (Vzpominky stareho novinare)" v. 8

About exiles from the World War I in Europe.

Box 5. Folder 5. "Old Journalist's Memoirs," comments and reviews

Contains issues of periodicals that reference Kopecky, including Hlasatel, Nase Hlasy, and Nasinec.

Box 6. Folder 1. Articles, 1941-1945

On the Czechoslovak legion in Poland, the Munich Treaty, German activities in Bohemia during WWII, the Syndicate of Czechoslovak Journalists, and making newspapers.

Box 6. Folder 2. Articles, 1948-1949

From Kopecky's magazine Narod dealing with the situation in Czechoslovakia and in exile after the Communist Coup in February 1948.

Box 6. Folder 3. Articles, 1950

About the political situation in Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, and Kopecky's analysis of Czechoslovak politicians before the 1948 coup and after.

Box 6. Folder 4. Articles, 1951

On Communist Czechoslovakia, the Sokol movement in exile, Czech-German relations, elections in Great Britain in 1951, and events following the Munich Treaty of 1938.

Box 6. Folder 5. Articles, 1952

About the 1948 coup in Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak institutions in exile, Czech and Slovak relations, Korea, trade unions, and Stalin.

Box 6. Folder 6. Articles, 1953

About Czechoslovak exiles, investigations of the Katyn forest massacre, political processes in Czechoslovakia, Stalin's death, and politics in the USSR.

Box 7. Folder 1. Articles, 1955-1957

Dealing with politics in Great Britain, Independence Day of Czechoslovakia, contemporary political literature, the British Labour Party, attacks on Stalin within the Communist Party, the origin of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia's role in Nazi plans during WWII, Czechoslovak elections, and the 40-year anniversary of Communist rule in Russia.

Box 7. Folder 2. Articles, 1958-1959

About the 1948 coup in Czechoslovakia, relations between Czech and Slovak exiles, trade unions in Czechoslovakia, the triple anniversary in Czechoslovakia, including 1918, Independence, 1938, Munich Treaty, and 1948, Communist Coup, analysis of diplomatic activities during WWII, problems of the Czechoslovak press in exile, and the murder of the Tsars.

Box 7. Folder 3. Articles, 1960

Concerning the end of the Cold War, contemporary political literature, Senator Joe McCarthy, the British Film Institute, and the Council of Free Czechoslovakia in London.

Box 7. Folder 4. Articles, 1961

About the 100-year anniversary of Czechoslovak newspaper Narodni Listy, analysis of Edward Benes' relationship to USSR, the secret London bank account of President Benes, China and international Communism, Emperor Franz Josef I, and F.D. Roosevelt's international politics.

Box 7. Folder 5. Articles, 1962-1963

About the origin of the Slovak state, Czechoslovak Minister of Culture Zdenek Nejedly, freedom of the press, pacifism, and the politics of President Benes during WWII.

Box 7. Folder 6. Articles, memoranda, 1964-1967

Includes Kopecky's memoranda and articles on USSR's help to Czechoslovakia against the Munich treaty, the influence of President Benes on the 1948 coup in Czechoslovakia, mistakes in Czech foreign policy, racial issues in Britain, analysis of the Vietnam War, Communist press, the civil war in Spain, relations between Czech and Slovak exiles, elections in Britain, the assassination of President Kennedy, and democracy in Czechoslovakia in the 1920s.

Box 7. Folder 7. Articles, 1968-1970

On the Munich treaty, Czech pre-WWII politician Karel Kramar, relations between the "old" and "new" Czechoslovak immigration in Britain, the causes of the Soviet Invasion in 1968, and the Czechoslovak legion in Poland.

Box 7. Folder 8. Articles, 1970-1972

Concerning unity in Czechoslovak exiles, 25-year anniversary of the UN, the My Lai massacre, analysis of bolshevism, events in Pakistan, Czech 19th Century politician Karel Sladkovsky, and the P.E.N. (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) Club.

Box 7. Folder 9. Articles, 1973

About Platos' Republic, problems of the P.E.N. (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) Club, origin of Brezhnev's Doctrine, French international politics, Britain and communism in Czechoslovakia, Katyn forest massacre, Watergate and the British press, and the coup in Chile.

Box 8. Folder 1. Articles, 1974

On problems in Britain such as strikes of the trade unions, inflation, and elections, the danger of Communism, the problems of the British press, and problems with Northern Ireland. Includes articles on Soviet Russia, Communist leaders, and the Czech religious Husite movement.

Box 8. Folder 2. Articles, 1975

Articles dealing with the USSR, Alexander Solzenicyn's books, the Katyn forrest massacre, nuclear weapons, democracy in Britain, and the problems of Czechoslovak exiles.

Box 8. Folder 3. Articles, 1976

About the bicentennial in the U.S., the Katyn forest massacre, President Masaryk, politics in Britain, and the notion of democracy.

Box 8. Folder 4. Articles, 1977

About the CIA, the political situation in Czechoslovakia, the short period of Russian democracy in 1917, the importance of being sincere about Czechoslovak history, the Vietnam War, and ideas on how to fight against the USSR.

Box 8. Folder 5. Articles, 1978

Relating to the 30th anniversary of the Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia, the Munich treaty, Czech journalist Ferdinand Peroutka, and the international situation after the war in Vietnam.

Box 8. Folder 6. Articles, 1979

On the political situation in China and Iran, the analyses of the international changes since and during WWII, early elections in Britain, and the beginning of the Czechoslovak legion in Poland.

Box 8. Folder 7. Articles, 1980

About poet Josef Svatopluk Machar, Czech-German relations, Czech opera singer Ema Destinova, the Olympics in USSR, and uniting the western world against Marxism and other non-democratic ideologies.

Box 8. Folder 8. Lectures, "To My Homeland Via Radio," 1946-1950

Contains the first part of Kopecky's lectures read on the BBC radio and transmitted to Czechoslovakia. Topics include the British press, Sunday papers, International youth, the House of Commons, British elections, strikes in Britain, political trials in Czechoslovakia, the Soviet-German Pact, Czechoslovak Communist propaganda against fairy tales, Czech and Soviet agriculture, and weekly reports from the Parliament.

Box 8. Folder 9. Lectures, "To My Homeland Via Radio," 1951

On Communism in Czechoslovakia, German nationalism, technical progress in Czechoslovakia, Russian women, Sokol Congress in Czechoslovakia, Czech Army Day, British elections, United Nations in Paris, and a political overview of the year.

Box 9. Folder 1. Lectures, "To My Homeland Via Radio," 1952

About Communism in Czechoslovakia, the United Nations in Paris, May Day Celebrations, Frontiers West and East, scouts, the Kosice Declaration, House of Lords, police, Communist propaganda, Communist party Conference, and a political overview of the current year.

Box 9. Folder 2. Lectures, "To My Homeland Via Radio," 1953

On the Vienna Congress, The Vienna Youth Conference, Stalin's demise, the Communist Revolution, Czech and Slovak Liberation, monetary reform in Czechoslovakia, British United Nations, the Iron Curtain, and the court in Kenya.

Box 9. Folder 3. Lectures, "To My Homeland Via Radio," 1954

About the People's Committee in CSR (Czechoslovak Slovak Republic), elections in Britain and in CSR, British and Czechoslovak parliament, British United Nations, Sokol and Spartakiada, Czechoslovak underground compared with underground in London and Moskva, Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939, education and women's facilities in CSR, human rights, and the prohibition of American Communist Party.

Box 9. Folder 4. Lectures, "To My Homeland Via Radio," 1955

On Czechoslovak-Soviet Friendship Alliance, Second Congress of Czechoslovak Young League, British and Czechoslovak press, British elections as per communist propaganda, warfare against Japan (1941-1945), and an overview of the year.

Box 9. Folder 5. Lectures, "To My Homeland Via Radio," 1956

About the Warsaw Pact, Czechoslovak president T. G. Masaryk, Czech journalist K.H. Borovsky, parliament, economic and social progress during communism, press during communism, and CSR's Army Day

Box 9. Folder 6. Lectures, "To My Homeland Via Radio," 1957-1965

On the British monarchy, Parliament, British elections, the people's committee in Czechoslovakia in 1957, comparison of Czechoslovak and British election from the view of freedom, Prime Minister of Czechoslovak Republic Karel Kramar, president Antonin Zapotocky, Chruscov's visit to Czechoslovakia, and the World Youth Conference.

Box 10. Folder 1. Book, 1927

Newspaper and Journalists published in 1927.

Box 10. Folder 2. Essays, 1934-1943

On Czechoslovak poet Josef Svatopluk Machar, improvements of journalism in Czechoslovakia, foreign propaganda, ideas on the liberal party in Czechoslovakia, and the first part of the essay "State Defense."

Box 10. Folder 3. Essays, 1945-1949

On the Czechoslovak Mansion, traitors in Czechoslovakia, Munich, politics, attempts to unite physical education in Czechoslovakia, President Masaryk, Christianity in Czechoslovakia and the Husite movement, and justice in Czechoslovakia. Contains an issue of the Czechoslovak exile magazine Nasim v exilu and an issue of the Tablet. In Czech and English.

Box 10. Folder 4. Essays, 1950-1951

About international politics in WWI and WWII, problems of Central and Eastern Europe, writings by famous Czech poets and writers commemorating Czechoslovak Independence Day, the importance of the Sokol movement in exile, and the relations between Czechs and Germans in Czechoslovakia.

Box 10. Folder 5. Essays, 1953-1958

Includes Kopecky's brochure "The Political Exiles from Czecho-Slovakia and their Problems," an issue of the Sokol magazine Vestnik containing Kopecky's lecture on Jan Hus, and article from the magazine Bohemia, memorandum of pre-WWII Czechoslovak Prime Minister Rudolf Beran, an article by Rudolf Beran about the Czechoslovak journey to Munich, an essay on the role of Slovakia in German plans against Czechoslovakia, and an article on Czechoslovak exile written for the magazine Bohemia.

Box 10. Folder 6. Essays, 1960-1968

Includes manuscript of Kopecky's English-Czech Dictionary for Journalists, a lecture on Jan Hus, the founder of the Husite Movement, an article "In Memorandum of Dr. Karel Kramar," and suggestions of the Czech National Committee.

Box 10. Folder 7. Essays, 1969

Contains the manuscripts of Kopecky's essay "From Democracy to Totality," an article on the Czechoslovak Independence Day, and his essay "Legal Continuity as a Political Problem."

Box 10. Folder 8. Essays, 1970

Includes an essay on the origin of Czech-Polish problems, articles from Nase Hlasy, an article on the danger of Communism in the Western World, and the manuscript of Kopecky's essay "The Road to Catastrophy."

Box 10. Folder 9. Essays, 1971-1973

Contains essays on the President of Czechoslovakia Ludvik Svoboda, 19th century Czechoslovak politician Karel Sladkovsky, the origin of Brezhnev's Doctrine, the problem of the neutrality of Czechoslovakia and democracy titled "Plato and problems of our period."

Box 11. Folder 1. Essays, articles, 1974

On the Sokol song "On the 4th of July," the Czechs and Slovaks in one country, the legends around the Munich Treaty of 1938, and the problems of Czechoslovak exiles, humanitarian idols, and national program.

Box 11. Folder 2. Essays, articles 1975-1981

About the liberation of Czechoslovakia from Nazis, the causes of the 1938 Munich Treaty, the Communist Coup in 1948, the Czechoslovak 19th Century historian Frantisek Palacky, and an article from Hlasatel and an issue of Novy Hlasatel.

Box 11. Folder 3. Essays, articles, undated

Manuscript about the origin of Czech national traditions.

Box 11. Folder 4. Essays, articles, undated

About the discussion between President Benes and the Sokol movement in exile, the Munich treaty and the Communist coup, Czechoslovak exile in Britain, peace between the East and the West, problems in the Czechoslovak exile, the first Czechoslovak Prime Minister Karl Kramar, Czechoslovak foreign policy between the wars (in English), "From Munich to National Front" (in English), and "Facts on Czechoslovakia" (in English), Britain in today's international situation, and essays on Chamberlain's politics.

Box 11. Folder 5. Articles, excerpts and notes

Articles relating to international relations after WWII, Communism, the USSR, and a booklet from the Office of War Information, Washington D.C. on WWII. Quotes about politics and society. In Czech, English, German, Norwegian, Polish, and Slovak.

Box 11. Folder 6. Articles, excerpts and notes

Includes quotes about politics and society, newspaper clippings, poems, and a large number of notes on socialism, communism, and the USSR. Includes a dictionary of electoral and political terms. In English, German, and French.

Series 4: Subject FilesBox 11. Folder 7. Assembly of Captive European Nations (ACEW), 1958, April

Correspondence of the assembly and copies of addresses made at meetings.

Box 11. Folder 8. Speeches, All-Slav Conference, London. In English, 1944, May 25 Box 11. Folder 9. Benes, Edward

Contains excerpts from books on politics dealing with President Benes and a few newspaper clippings. In English, Czech and German.

Box 12. Folder 1. Benes, Edward

Kopecky's comments on Ferdinand Kahanek's book titled Coulisses of the presidential elections of Dr. Edward Benes.

Box 12. Folder 2. Bohemia, book excerpts, reviews

Review of book authored by Jaroslav Goll, and excerpts on Russians, T.G. Masaryk, and politics

Box 12. Folder 3. Bohemia

Richard Svatek's About the meaning of the Czech history.

Box 12. Folder 4. Centre of Democratic Exiles, 1953

Convention and proposal for creation of the Centre of Democratic Exiles.

Box 12. Folder 5. Comenius World Council, 1975-1981

Documents, leaflets, and correspondence related to Kopecky's participation in Comenius World Council.

Box 12. Folder 6. Council of Free Czechoslovakia, 1949

Includes Miloslav Rechcigl's Struggle of Czechoslovak agricultures for human rights and economic independency, a report on the activity of the Council of Free Czechoslovakia, letters and speeches concerning the Council of Free Czechoslovakia, and a lecture by Jaroslav Stransky about the crisis of Czechoslovak emigration. In Czech and English.

Box 12. Folder 7. Czech Journalists in America, 1944

Regulations, resolutions, and records from Alliance of Czech Newspapermen in America.

Box 12. Folder 8. Czech Liberal Information Service, 1945-1948

Articles written by Kopecky about different political aspects in Czechoslovak Republic. In English.

Box 12. Folder 9. Czech National Committee, 1947, 1948, 1969

Reports and program proposals of Czech National Committee. In English, Czech and German.

Box 12. Folder 10. Czechoslovak Army in England, 1940, Oct. 28

Includes the magazine of Czechoslovak Army in England containing a speech of President Edward Benes and short stories from the war.

Box 12. Folder 11. Czechoslovak Committee for European Movement, 1949-1950

Letters dealing with the movement and a statement of Czechoslovak Exiles on the Central and Eastern European Policy. In English and Czech.

Box 12. Folder 12. Czechoslovak Consulting Committee in Western Europe, 1976

Report on fulfillment of final act of Helsinki conference, relating to European security and the government of the Czechoslovak Slovak Republic.

Box 12. Folder 13. Czechoslovak Democratic Organizations in Australia, 1976

Leaflet about communism. In English.

Box 12. Folder 14. Czechoslovak Legion in Exile, 1949-1953

Leaflet released by Czechoslovak Legion in Exile and several letters to and from Kopecky dealing with issues related to Czechoslovak Legion in Exile.

Box 12. Folder 15. Czechoslovak Legion in Poland, 1939-1944

Includes two copies of Nase noviny, the daily newspaper of the Czechoslovak army in Britain, letters from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on articles in the Nase noviny, and letters describing the Czechoslovak legion in Poland.

Box 12. Folder 16. Czechoslovak Legion in Poland, 1939

Includes, Prehled, information magazine for Czechoslovaks in Poland.

Box 12. Folder 17. Czechoslovak Legion in Poland, 1939, 1958

Includes Kopecky's book Czechoslovak legion in Poland in 1932, along with reviews and letters about the book.

Box 12. Folder 18. Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1942-1943

Includes a speech by M. Jan Masaryk and one by President Benes broadcast on the BBC Czechoslovak program in 1942 (in English), correspondence between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kopecky, and letters between Jan Sramek and General Charles de Gaulle about Czechoslovak and French friendship (in French).

Box 13. Folder 1. Czechoslovak Ministry of Industry, Business and Trade, London, 1943-1944

Documents related to business and trade including proposals on reorganization of foreign trade in Czechoslovakia after war, production level changes after the war, centrally planned production reorganization, the foundation of Central research institute, reorganization of fiscal system in Czechoslovakia, issues of the magazine Information Letters, records on Financing of the Production and Distribution, and explanatory reports by Kopecky related to different business and trade topics.

Box 13. Folder 2. Czechoslovak Ministry of Industry, Business and Trade, London, 1944

An edited Compendium of Temporary Measures.

Box 13. Folder 3. Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior, 1942

Documents of Czechoslovak schools in Great Britain such as teacher qualifications and curriculum for Czech classes in schools in Great Britain.

Box 13. Folder 4. Czechoslovak Ministry of Welfare, 1940

Includes an article by Marie Jurneckova-Vorlova about the day-to-day life of a Czechoslovak housewife and a memorandum to the Ministry of Welfare about support for wives and children of the Czechoslovak military units.

Box 13. Folder 5. Czechoslovak-Polish Confederation, 1940-1943

One letter from Kopecky to the Organization of Czechoslovak-Polish Relations about the common traits between Czechoslovaks and Polish, a manuscript of Czechoslovak Polish Confederation by Piotr S.Wandycz and articles from Free Europe about Greco-Yugoslav agreement.

Box 13. Folder 6. Czechoslovak-Soviet Treaty, 1943

Different quotes and notes about the treaty. In English and Czech.

Box 13. Folder 7. Czechoslovak War Effort, 1942

Program status and proposal.

Box 13. Folder 8. Czechoslovakia, 1918-1939

Includes a book on legal issues for associations, councils, and political parties based on Czechoslovak law from 1936, the constitution of Czechoslovakia from 1920, a report on unemployment and social support in Czechoslovakia, and information on the Czechoslovak Republic between 1914 and 1918 along with notes related to Czechoslovakia.

Box 13. Folder 9. Czechoslovakia, 1918-1939

Includes lectures on national resistance and a tape cassette to Kopecky from Stefan Pagac.

Box 14. Folder 1. Czechoslovakia, 1945-1948

Includes lectures on Czech political history by Karel Brusak, an issue of Czechoslovak News Letter published by the Department of Information in Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, news published by the Czechoslovak press agency in New York, an article from The Times about liberty for Czechs, and a proposal on Czechoslovak government. In English, Slovak and Czech.

Box 14. Folder 2. Czechoslovakia, Continental News Service, 1947-1949

Articles from the service dealing with Czechoslovakia. In English.

Box 14. Folder 3. Czechoslovakia, 1948

Contains a brief statistical overview of Czechoslovakia, a "Czechoslovak Newsletter" about Benes' resignation, the Constitution of Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic, and articles and legal documents from the Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic period.

Box 14. Folder 4. Czechoslovakia, 1948

Contains Czechoslovak broadcasts for Radio Free Europe, overviews from the Czechoslovak Radio Information Service, news from Czechoslovak press agency in New York, and the constitution of the Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic.

Box 14. Folder 5. Czechoslovakia, 1948

Includes an article about Czechoslovak espionage service and communist intelligence activities in the U.S.

Box 14. Folder 6. Czechoslovakia, 1948

Contains articles from the western press in English, French, and German, a bulletin on Czechoslovakia from 1968, and a survey of Eastern Europe titled "Behind the Iron Curtain."

Box 14. Folder 7. Czechoslovakia, Refugee Camps, 1948-1950

On a legal system in Czechoslovakia to protect refugees, a book on aspects of the Czechoslovak nation and its history, and a memorandum on political structure and activities of Czechoslovak exiles.

Box 14. Folder 8. Czechoslovakia, 1968-1970

Articles from Czechoslovak newspapers.

Box 15. Folder 1. Czechoslovakia, Prehled Tisku, 1969-1970

Overview of different press articles.

Box 15. Folder 2. Exiles, 1948

Includes a leaflet about the role of Czechoslovakia in Europe by Dr. Stefan Osusky, a proposal of the declaration of Czechoslovak Committee in Exile, and articles about communism. In English, French, Slovak and Czech.

Box 15. Folder 3. Federation of Ex-combattants' Associations from Central and Eastern Europe

Memorial on exiled persons and defiance of the West. In English.

Box 15. Folder 4. Glaskow, Wasili G., 1975

Glaskow's "Visit with Solzhenitsyn."In Russian.

Box 15. Folder 5. Goldwater, Barry, 1961

Czech translation of "Conscience of a Conservative" by Barry Goldwater.

Box 15. Folder 6. Hlas Novych, 1971-1972

One issue of the magazine Hlas Novych edited by The Club of New Czech and Slovak Exiles in Canada and letters to and from Mirko Janecek, chief-editor of Hlas Novych.

Box 15. Folder 7. Hohenstein, Jean de Thun et, 1969, Mar. 13

Proclamation stating that if Jean de Thun et Hohenstein, the prince of Bohemia and Moravia, takes over Czechoslovakia, he will establish a democratic regime and an article about his support for democratic elections in Czechoslovakia.

Box 15. Folder 8. Journalism, 1942

Lectures on making the newspapers by Kopecky, Stransky, Kriz, Korbel, Hronek, Klinger and Novy.

Box 15. Folder 9. Kramar, Karel 1974

Manuscript of Kramar's Judgment of Benes (Kramruv soud nad Benesem) covering the dispute between Kramar and Benes.

Box 15. Folder 10. Kramar, Karel (Kramaruv soud nad Benesem)

Kramar's Judgment of Benes (Kramruv soud nad Benesem)

Box 15. Folder 11. Kramar, Karel

Articles by and about Kramar.

Box 15. Folder 12. Lausman, Bohumil,

Excerpts from The Death of a Menshevik and an article by Kopecky in Denni Hlasatel about the book. In English and Slovak

Box 16. Folder 1. Correspondence, memorial service, Mihailovich, Draza, General, 1974 Box 16. Folder 2. Photograph, Modelski, Tzydor Box 16. Folder 3. Correspondence, records, Naarden Committee, 1969-1971 Box 16. Folder 4. Correspondence, records, Naarden Committee, 1972-1973 Box 16. Folder 5. Correspondence, regulations, records, Naarden Committee, 1974-1975 Box 16. Folder 6. Correspondence, leaflets, Naarden Committee, 1976 Box 16. Folder 7. Correspondence, leaflets, Naarden Committee, 1977-1981 Box 16. Folder 8. Correspondence, National Democratic Party, 1943-1954 Box 16. Folder 9. Correspondence, notes, lectures, National Democratic Party, 1944-1945, undated Box 16. Folder 10. News, "Never Again," 1943 Box 16. Folder 11. Postcards, political, "Newcomers Club (Klub novych)" Box 16. Folder 12. Petition, Slovak Action Committee, 1948

On a referendum presented by the Slovak Action Committee to the General Assembly of the United Nations in Paris

Box 16. Folder 13. Leaflet, "Masaryk: Champion of Liberty?" Slovak League of America, 1959 Box 16. Folder 14. Leaflet, Slovak National Council, Paris Box 16. Folder 15. Articles, photographs, memories, Sokol, 1945

Includes information on Benes' membership in Sokol, a photo of Dr. Miroslav Tyrs, founder of Czechoslovak Sokol Gymnastic Movement, directions for new members, and memories about Sokol during the war.

Box 16. Folder 16. Rules, correspondence, P. E. N., Centre for Writers in Exile, 1960-1974

Includes information on organization rules, the executive committee, and a postcard showing a Prague Citizen in his Nazi Concentration camp uniform confronting a Soviet invasion tank.

Box 16. Folder 17. Commentary of the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute in Exile, 1957-1962 Box 17. Folder 1. Papers, correspondence, Society of Arts and Sciences, 1970-1980

Information on organization and activities of the Society and a photo of Prague.

Box 17. Folder 2. Articles, Czech-Sudeten German Agreement. In German, 1943-1946, 1969-1971 Box 17. Folder 3. Meeting minutes, Syndicate of Czech Journalists, 1940-1944 Box 17. Folder 4. Correspondence, Syndicate of Czech Journalists, 1941-1945 Box 17. Folder 5. Correspondence, Syndicate of Czech Journalists, 1945-1954 Box 17. Folder 6. Velehrad, 1966

Two inquiries by J. Lang.

Series 5: Newspaper clippingsBox 17. Folder 7. Newpaper clippings, 1974-1982

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