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Stanislav Serpan, Czech Heritage Papers

Title: Stanislav Serpan, Czech Heritage Papers

Creator: Serpan, Stanislav, 1887-1940

Dates: 1920-1948

Quantity: 1 box

Collection Number: MS 0122

Language: Czech, English

Restrictions: None

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Preferred Citation: Stanislav Serpan, Czech Heritage Papers (MS 0122). Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries.


Stanislav Serpan was born on December 19, 1887 in Tis u Habru (Czech Republic). During WWI Serpan served as a secretary of Czech National Committee and became a consul of Czechoslovakia from 1921-1931. He served as editor of the magazine Hospodar. Serpan died on October 20, 1940.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of extensive correspondence and newspaper clippings.


Stanislav Serpan -- Czechoslovak Consulate

Vojta Benes -- Czechoslovakia

Edward Benes -- Czechoslovakia

Vraz affair -- Czechoslovakia

Container List: Box 1. Folder 1. Articles

Articles, obituaries for Stanislav Serpan, with biographical notes

Box 1. Folder 2. Correspondence, Vojta Benes to Serpan, 1920-1924

Benes, the brother of the Czechoslovak Minister of Foreign Affairs and then president, covers topics such as Serpan's consulate and his activities in Czechoslovakia.

Box 1. Folder 3. Correspondence, Vojta Benes to Serpan, 1926-1931

While serving as a Member of Parliament in Czechoslovakia, Benes writes on the political situation in Czechoslovakia, his trip to the U.S., and his work as a member of Czechoslovak parliament.

Box 1. Folder 4. Correspondence, from Vojta Benes, 1938-1940

Topics include politics in Czechoslovakia and in Europe, on Benes' second escape abroad (the first was before the WWI), and about internal problems and fights among Czechoslovak emigrants in the U.S.

Box 1. Folder 5. Correspondence, to Vojta Benes

Includes a letter from J.J. Frnka requesting advice with selling some books and one from Lastufka asking Benes to deliver a lecture.

Box 1. Folder 6. Article, on Vojta Benes, 1939, Jan. 6

Includes an article from American Labor News (Americke Delnicke Listy) called "Answers to the questions about the departure of Vojta Benes back home - his own answer (K dotazum ohledne odjezdu Vojty Benese do vlasti - jeho vlastni odpoved)".

Box 1. Folder 7. Correspondence, Serpan to Vojta Benes, 1921, Aug. 15

Letters on the "Vraz Affair," and one letter from Fisher to Serpan.

Box 1. Folder 8. Correspondence, Serpan to Vojta Benes, 1921, July 16-1923, Oct. 5

Information about Serpan's receipt of the title "consul," and personal items such as debts, books, and birth certificates.

Box 1. Folder 9. Correspondence, Serpan to Vojta Benes, 1924

Letters asking for personal details on various Czech emigrants to the U.S. and their photographs for the periodical Hospodar.

Box 1. Folder 10. Correspondence, articles, 1924, May 13

A letter asking Josef Bunata his reaction to articles on the Vojta Benes affair.

Box 1. Folder 11. Correspondence, 1931, May 28

Correspondence about Vojta Benes' health problems while lecturing in the U.S.

Box 1. Folder 12. Correspondence

Correspondence on American literature, copyright requests for book translations, a list of books that might be suitable for translation into Czech and Slovak language, and letters with the National Printing Company.

Box 1. Folder 13. Correspondence

Serpan writes in English on American schools, and on the Journal of Educational Research for Vojta Benes by Serpan.

Box 1. Folder 14. Articles, 1938, Oct. 15

Articles about the Czechoslovak political crisis in 1938, from Krajan, a periodical for the Czechoslovak emigrants published in Prague.

Box 1. Folder 15. Articles, Benes, Ed.

One article in English by Edward Benes, former president of Czechoslovakia, titled "Czechoslovakia joins the allies to cast off the yoke of Nazi oppression."

Box 1. Folder 16. Correspondence, Backovsky, Alexandr, 1921-1925

Backovsky, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czechoslovak Republic, on the consulate in Omaha, Nebraska.

Box 1. Folder 17. Correspondence, Breuer, Miles, 1940

Letters providing medical advice.

Box 1. Folder 18. Correspondence, Cermak, Emil

A letter about a donation and an article about Cermak and his life.

Box 1. Folder 19. Correspondence, Geringer, V.G. to Serpan

Correspondence requesting some photographs for a book about Czechs in America.

Box 1. Folder 20. Correspondence, Hanak, Karel to Serpan

Information about the modern Sanitarium built by Czechs and Slovaks in Tucson, Arizona. Hanak was the architect for the building. Also includes one photograph.

Box 1. Folder 21. Correspondence, Oberherr, Hynek

A letter from Serpan to Oberherr regarding a debt.

Box 1. Folder 22. Correspondence, Lastufka, T.J. to Serpan

On personal issues.

Box 1. Folder 23. Correspondence, Mikova, Marie to Serpan

On personal issues.

Box 1. Folder 24. Correspondence, Okres Delnickych Telovychovnych Jednot, Cleveland

Letters from Frank "Ferda" Hohman and J. Jilek about Sokol camps, Czechoslovak physical educational organizations.

Box 1. Folder 25. Correspondence, Pancner, F. (Chicago)

Requesting contact information for editors of Zenske listy.

Box 1. Folder 26. Articles, Pravo lidu, 1924, Nov. 18

On relations between the home country and the U.S.

Box 1. Folder 27. Correspondence, Stastna, Olga and Borivoj Prusik

Relates to the Czechoslovak consulate in Omaha and finding a location for the consulate.

Box 1. Folder 28. Correspondence, Slavik, John Box 1. Folder 29. Correspondence, Smetanka, J.F.

Covering subjects such as Vojta Benes' journey to the U.S. and his lectures, the closing of the Czech consulate in Omaha, editing and publishing a book by Vojta Benes and financial issues.

Box 1. Folder 30. Correspondence, Sokol, 1936

On buying a piece of land for the youth camp, written by Vaclav Kulhanek from Telovychovna Jednota Sokol Tuegner Tyrs.

Box 1. Folder 31. Correspondence, Spacek, F.

Two letters on the Czech consulate in Omaha.

Box 1. Folder 32. Correspondence, Stulik, Bohumil

Correspondence between Serpan and Estella M. Hughes, Director of Social Service Department in Kalamazoo State Hospital, about Stulik and his brother who had changed his name after coming to the U.S.

Box 1. Folder 33. Correspondence, Serpan, Jan

Letters from Jan Serpan, uncle of Stanislav Serpan, about personal issues.

Box 1. Folder 34. Photographs, Serpan Library and Sokol Chorus

Photos of Omaha Sokol Chorus, Serpan, and an newspaper clipping on Serpan's library dated October 3, 1941.

Box 1. Folder 35. Correspondence, Serpan, Stanislav, 1929, Mar. 5

One letter about the Iska affair and fabrication of a letter.

Box 1. Folder 36. Correspondence, Smrha, V.(Milligan) Box 1. Folder 37. Correspondence, Stepanek, Bedrich, Spacek

Letters from Stepanek, at the Czechoslovak Embassy in Washington D.C., dealing with the Czechoslovak consulate in Omaha and letters to Spacek about Serpan's debt.

Box 1. Folder 38. Articles, Tauchen sisters, 1926, Sept. 19

Newspaper excerpts from the World Herald Magazine section about Czechs in Omaha.

Box 1. Folder 39. Correspndence, Wm. Valenta

One letter about the Sokol's campground.

Box 1. Folder 40. Correspondence, Fr. Veverka

Letter of resignation from the post of consul.

Box 1. Folder 41. Correspondence, Volne myslenky, Praha

Includes information on the Czech publishing company selling Benes' book in the U.S., along with receipts.

Box 1. Folder 42. Correspondence, E. St. Vraz

Covers the Vraz affair and personal quarrels.

Box 1. Folder 43. Supplement, vol. VIII, Hospodar

An article from Hospodar about Vraz affair.

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