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Czechoslovak Scout Movement in Exile, Czech Heritage Records

Title: Czechoslovak Scout Movement in Exile, Czech Heritage Records

Creator: Fanderlik, Velen, 1907-1985

Creator: Stembera, Emil Jan, 1900-1987

Creator: Bernard, O. P.

Dates: 1918-1984

Quantity: 12 boxes (5.0 linear feet)

Collection Number: MS 0123

Language: Czech, English

Restrictions: Box 6, Folder 2 is restricted

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Preferred Citation: Czechoslovak Scout Movement in Exile, Czech Heritage Records (MS 0123). Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries.


An organization for youth focused on volunteer and civic activities.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of Fanderlik's records, including extensive correspondence, documents, photographs, essays and books. All the papers are related to the Scout Movement.


Fanderlik, Velen, 1907-1985 -- Archives

International Scout Movement -- History

Baden Powell -- Scouting

Czechoslovak Scout Movement -- History

Series Description: Series 1: Correspondence, Box 1-4

This series contains correspondence between Velen Fanderlik and his friends, relatives, coworkers, and acquaintances from all over the world, the majority related to the scout movement.

Series 2: Articles and Publications, Box 5

This series consists of papers and articles related to the scout camps in exile.

Series 3: Subject Files, Box 6

Various materials related to the scout movements in Czechoslovakia and abroad. Also includes records on particular refugee camps that contain information on members, activities, officials, registration, and program reports. The box also contains a copy of a chronicle of a group of Czech scouts from Bagnoli, Italy (1948-1949).

Series 4: Photographs, Box 7-8

The photographs relate to scouting and Fanderlik's personal life, some are housed in photo albums.

Series 5: Handbooks, Box 9

This series consists of various books and handbooks about scouting.

Series 6: Serial Publications, Box 10-11

The materials in this series consist of different scout magazines and reviews.

Series 7: Stembera and Kadlec Materials, Box 12

Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, and general materials created or collected by E.J. Stembera and B.R. Kadlec.

Container List: Series 1: CorrespondenceBox 1. Folder 1. Correspondence, Adam, Jan

Covers various topics such as the activities of the scout movement in exile, personal information, and reflections on the return of emigrants to Czechoslovakia.

Box 1. Folder 2. Correspondence, Albors, Francisco, 1954

One letter on personal issues.

Box 1. Folder 3. Correspondence, Balejka, Vlado, 1948-1953

Correspondence covering personal facts, information on an international camp organized by Balejka, differences between Czechoslovakia and the world, information on other Czechoslovak scouts in exile, and Czechoslovak scouts in Germany.

Box 1. Folder 4. Correspondence, Broz, Miroslav

Two Czech scout emigrants wrote to Fanderlik about their activities in the U.S. Correspondence from emigrants on activities in the U.S., information on the other scouts, the formation of Czechoslovak scout movement in the U.S., internal problems in the program, and an article from "Skautska hlidka z domova i z ciziny."

Box 1. Folder 5. Correspondence, Engelman, Bohumir, 1949

Three personal letters containing information on scout activities.

Box 1. Folder 6. Correspondence, Esner, Vladislav, 1950

Information on boys scouts in a camp for refugees and problems with emigration.

Box 1. Folder 7. Correspondence, Filip, Jan

Correspondence on camps for refugees and scouts, internal quarrels among scouts in exile, list of members, and information on exile activities in Germany.

Box 1. Folder 8. Correspondence, Hasek, Josef

The correspondence includes lists of members, information on scouts in camps for refugees, problems of emigrants, and notes from a meeting in camp Valka.

Box 1. Folder 9. Correspondence, Hladky, Vladimir, 1949-1950

Four letters about Czechoslovak scouts in a refugee camp, Czechoslovak scouts in exile, and the press.

Box 1. Folder 10. Correspondence, Hosek, Josef

Topics include the program of Czechoslovak scouts in exile, information on camps for refugees, and information on the scout movement in Czechoslovakia after the communist coup.

Box 1. Folder 11. Correspondence, Janda, Jaroslav, 1950-1951

Information about refugees camps and the scout movement in Czechoslovakia after the communist coup. In English and in German.

Box 1. Folder 12. Correspondence, Janecek, Mirko, 1948-1949

Letters about an internal quarrel among scouts in a refugee camp.

Box 1. Folder 13. Correspondence, Kadlec, B.R., 1949-1954

Reflections on emigration and on internal quarrels among scouts in exile as well as personal information.

Box 1. Folder 14. Correspondence, Kalous, Ladislav, 1950

Discussion on potential emigration of Kalous to the U.S.

Box 1. Folder 15. Correspondence, Kavalek, Lubomir, 1949-1950

Letters about Kavalek's emigration and about some scout movies.

Box 1. Folder 16. Correspondence, Keyzerov, Valentin, 1952

Two personal letters with some information on Czech scouts in exile.

Box 1. Folder 17. Correspondence, Kolman, Vladek, 1949-1951

Letters about meeting of Czechoslovak scouts in exile and internal quarrels among them.

Box 1. Folder 18. Correspondence, Kolman, Vladek, 1952-1953

Two letters with personal and factual information.

Box 1. Folder 19. Correspondence, Ledvinka, Zdenek, 1950-1953

Topics include activities of the U.S. scout movement, the differences and the formation of Czechoslovak scouts in the U.S., and photos from camps.

Box 1. Folder 20. Correspondence, Lobpreis, Ervin, 1951-1953

Letters about actions against communists from abroad, broadcasting to Czechoslovakia (Radio Free Europe), general principles of Boys Scouts of America, and personal issues.

Box 1. Folder 21. Miltner, Milos, 1965-1973

Letters about the re-establishment of the Scout Movement in Czechoslovakia and postcards form Czechoslovakia.

Box 1. Folder 22. Correspondence, Nejezchleb, Vladimir, 1949-1954

Letters about the scout movement in the U.S., the Jamborees, and lists of addresses.

Box 1. Folder 23. Correspondence, Netikova, Alena, 1949-1953

Letters about the organization of scouts in exile and very detailed day-to-day programs of scout camps.

Box 1. Folder 24. Correspondence, Novotny, Otakar, 1959

Two letters covering personal information on Novotny, on Czechoslovak scouts in exile, and on their journey around the world.

Box 1. Folder 25. Correspondence, Paar, Alfonz, 1949

Information on scout movement registration, scouts in Czechoslovakia, and the Morse code.

Box 1. Folder 26. Correspondence, Plajner, Rudolf, 1948, 1965-1984

Letters about the re-establishment of the scout movement in Czechoslovakia.

Box 1. Folder 27. Correspondence, Planicka, Josef, 1950

Two letters about the organization of the Czechoslovak scout movement in exile.

Box 1. Folder 28. Correspondence, Polc, Jaroslav, 1949, 1954

On activities of Czechoslovak scouts in exile.

Box 1. Folder 29. Correspondence, Purman, Ivan, 1950

Two letters about the life of one Czech scout emigrant in the U.S.

Box 1. Folder 30. Correspondence, Scheinost, Vojtech, 1950

Concerning scouts in exile.

Box 1. Folder 31. Correspondence, Simsova, Sylva, 1950

On the organization of Czechoslovak scouts in exile in Germany.

Box 1. Folder 32. Correspondence, speech, Sperk, Jindrich, 1949

Letter from a Czech scout emigrant and a speech to commemorate General Pika and other Czechoslovak victims.

Box 1. Folder 33. Correspondence, Stanislav, Oldrich

About the Czechoslovak scouts in German refugee camps.

Box 1. Folder 34. Correspondence, clippings, Svoboda, W.S., 1949-1956

On Czechoslovak scouts in Germany, internal quarrels, personal information on Svoboda's emigration, and reflection on parties.

Box 1. Folder 35. Correspondence, Stembera, Emil

Correspondence from China about the exile scout movement, the activities of the exile scout movement, and information on the other Czech scouts in exile.

Box 1. Folder 36. Correspondence, Vlach, Antonin

On Czechoslovak refugees in Hamburg.

Box 1. Folder 37. Correspondence, Woitsch, Bedrich, 1949-1955

Letters concerning the scout movement in exile in Germany, personal issues, and Woitsch's emigration.

Box 1. Folder 38. Correspondence, Zacek, Petr, 1949-1951

About Czechoslovak scouts in Germany.

Box 1. Folder 39. Correspondence, clippings, Zigmund, Frank, 1950-1954

On the Czechoslovak scout movement in exile in Germany, lists of members, and a newspaper clipping in German.

Box 2. Folder 1. General correspondence, 1948-1949

Letters about the creation of the Czechoslovak scout movement in exile, including rules and membership, its activities, correspondence among scout refugees in Germany, and lists of members and addresses. In Czech, English, and German.

Box 2. Folder 2. Leadership records, Germany, 1949-1951

Includes organizational structure of the Czechoslovak Scout Movement in exile, such as a list of members and groups and reports on various actions. In Czech and German.

Box 2. Folder 3. General correspondence, 1950

Information on assistance to the scouts in refugee camps and organization of Czechoslovak scouts in Germany. In English, Czech, and German.

Box 2. Folder 4. General correspondence, 1951

About the Czech scouts in Australia, letters from various scouts in exile to the chief-scout Fanderlik, and information on the internal problems of Czech scouts in exile.

Box 2. Folder 5. General correspondence, 1952

One letter about personal issues and some information on Czech scouts in Australia.

Box 2. Folder 6. General correspondence, 1953

On a Jamboree and Czechoslovak participation.

Box 2. Folder 7. General correspondence, 1954

On rovers in exile and cooperation of scouts in exile with Radio Free Europe.

Box 2. Folder 8. General correspondence, 1955

On rovers in exile, their activities, and problems.

Box 2. Folder 9. General correspondence, 1956

Information on KRUH, a communication tool for scouts in exile, rovers in exile, and cooperation of scouts in exile with Radio Free Europe.

Box 2. Folder 10. General correspondence, 1957

Report on the Czechoslovak scouts in exile and in West Germany and the constitution of the Council of Scout Associations in exile. In Czech and English.

Box 2. Folder 11. General correspondence, 1958

Reflections on the assimilation of Czech scouts in exile to National Scout Movement and its consequences, information on the publishing of the scout periodical Stopa, and a meeting program for rovers in exile. In Czech and English.

Box 2. Folder 12. General correspondence, report, 1954-1959

On the activities of rovers in exile, correspondence of the Council of the Scout Association in exile, and information on publishing Stopa, a Czechoslovak scouts in exile periodical.

Box 2. Folder 13. General correspondence, 1960

Information on Stopa, a Czechoslovak scouts in exile periodical.

Box 2. Folder 14. General correspondence, 1965

One letter on the journey of German scouts to Czechoslovakia. In English.

Box 2. Folder 15. General correspondence, 1967

Two letters on the trials with the Czechoslovak scouts in communist Czechoslovakia and information on the former chief-scout in Czechoslovakia. In English.

Box 2. Folder 16. General correspondence, 1968

Information on issues such as publishing of Stopa.

Box 2. Folder 17. General correspondence, 1970

One letter on the publishing of Stopa and on the re-establishment of the scout movement in Czechoslovakia.

Box 2. Folder 18. General correspondence, 1971

Information on publishing Stopa.

Box 2. Folder 19. General correspondence, 1972

Letters on personal issues and activities of the scouts in Czechoslovakia.

Box 2. Folder 20. General correspondence, articles, 1973

About the International Fellowship of former Scouts and Guides and about the internal quarrels in the scout movement in exile.

Box 2. Folder 21. General correspondence, 1974

On the scout guild in Canada and international fellowship of former scouts and guides.

Box 2. Folder 22. General correspondence, 1975

On the International Fellowship, Fanderlik's participation, and on scout conferences and meetings. In English.

Box 2. Folder 23. General correspondence, articles, reports, 1976

Information on the organization of Czechoslovak scouts in exile, such as new leaders, the periodical Stopa, the vows of some new scout officials, the photocopies of Czech post stamps with scout topics, articles on activities of scouts in exile, and reports on summer camps.

Box 2. Folder 24. General correspondence, 1978

One postcard from a German camp and one letter to a Bulgarian scout. In English.

Box 2. Folder 25. General correspondence, 1980

Includes Christmas greetings and information on problems among Czechoslovak scout exile.

Box 2. Folder 26. General Correspondence, 1981

Three letters dealing with personal issues.

Box 2. Folder 27. General correspondence, 1982

Correspondence about organizing summer camps for children of Czechoslovak exiles and on Fanderlik's painting.

Box 2. Folder 28. General correspondence, 1983

Describes experiences with American scouts, quarrels among Czechoslovak scouts in exile, publishing Stopa, and personal reflections.

Box 2. Folder 29. General correspondence, 1984

Letters with Joseph Svoboda, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries.

Box 2. Folder 30. General correspondence

Three letters, one which offers congratulations to Czechoslovak cardinal Stepan Trochta.

Series 2: Subject FilesBox 3. Folder 1. Boy Scouts International Bureau, D.P. Division, 1948-1950

Materials deal with Czechoslovak scouts in exile, their organization, and refugee camps. Includes correspondence with international scout officials, problems of refugees in camps, addresses, personal information on Czechoslovak scouts leaders in exile, their admission into the official Scout Movement, and their work. In English.

Box 3. Folder 2. Girl Guides in Refugee Camps, 1949-1950

Reports from summer camps, information about leaders, problems in refugee camps, and an agenda of Chief Guider.

Box 3. Folder 3. Jamboree, XIV World, Norway, 1975

Includes a prospectus, correspondence, a Jamboree program, and information about the Czechoslovak exile participation.

Box 3. Folder 4. Jamboree, XV World, Canada, 1983

Information on Czechoslovak exiles and international quarrels within Czechoslovak scout exiles.

Series 1: CorrespondenceBox 3. Folder 5. Correspondence, Fanderlik, Vladimir, Czechoslovakia, 1951-1956

Three letters about personal issues.

Box 3. Folder 6. Leadership records, Germany, 1949-1951

Correspondence, reports, and documents covering the organization of Czechoslovak Scouts in exile, including reports on their meetings, lists of members, registration, and Czechoslovak scouts in Germany.

Box 3. Folder 7. Letters to George (Listy Jurovi), 1968-1970

Letters to George written by Velen Fanderlik on publishing a book on education in scout clubs. In Czech.

Box 3. Folder 8. Walchensee Summer Camp, 1949, Aug.-Sept.

Correspondence, documents, and reports on camp meals, daily programs, and camp activities, along with newspaper clippings.

Box 4. Folder 1. Refugee camp records, Bad Aibling, 1949-1950 Box 4. Folder 2. Refugee camp records, Dornstadt, 1950 Box 4. Folder 3. Refugee camp records, Eichstatt, 1949 Box 4. Folder 4. Refugee camp records, Hamburg, 1949-1950 Box 4. Folder 5. Refugee camp records, Lechfeld, 1949 Box 4. Folder 6. Refugee camp records, Lindau, 1949-1950 Box 4. Folder 7. Refugee camp records, Ludwigsburg-Krabenlock, 1949 Box 4. Folder 8. Refugee camp records, Ludwigsburg, 1949-1950 Box 4. Folder 9. Refugee camp records, Nurnberg-Valka, 1950 Box 4. Folder 10. Refugee camp records, Ruckersdorf, 1949-1950 Box 4. Folder 11. Refugee camp records, Schwabish-Gmund, 1948-1949 Box 4. Folder 12. Refugee camp records, Ulm-Donau, 1949
Series 2: Articles and PublicationsBox 5. Folder 1. Scouting Histories

Articles and short papers on scouting in Czechoslovakia, dissolving of Junak in Czechoslovakia, Stopa, a history of scouts in exile during WWII up until 1948, and the influence of the scout movement on national culture.

Box 5. Folder 2. Scout biographies

Biographies of Czechoslovak scouts in exile including E. Stembera, V. Kayzerov, J. Adam, J. Vejvara, R. Rehakova, B. Vlckova, J. Stewart, O. Jelinek, a profile of A.B. Svojsik, the founder of scout movement in Czechoslovakia, and Fanderlik's notes about Lady Baden Powell, the wife of Baden Powell, founder of the scout movement.

Box 5. Folder 3. Articles, by Fanderlik

Includes articles on scout education, meeting programs, advice for group leaders, on famous scouts, on re-establishment in 1968, young people after 1948, on Jamborees, and advice for leaders.

Box 5. Folder 4. Articles, by Fanderlik Box 5. Folder 5. Articles

An article from Radio Free Europe broadcasts on scout issues titled "Scouting became an essential part of the life of Czechoslovak youth," and articles on advice for leaders, communistic prison, and about how to learn and teach Morse code.

Box 5. Folder 6. Short stories

A list and various short stories, usually two or three pages long, along with an illustration by Fanderlik and drafts of handbooks for scout leaders. In Czech.

Box 5. Folder 7. Illustrations, by Velen Fanderlik
Series 3: Subject FilesBox 6. Folder 1. Activity reports, Czechoslovak Exile Scouts Units, 1949-1950

Information about members, activities, organization of scout units in D.P. camps, registration, and new members.

Box 6. Folder 2. Activity reports, Czechoslovak Exile Scouts Units, 1970-1980

Activity reports from meetings, camps, trips by various scout units, and information on people, activities, program for future, and member lists (RESTRICTED).

Box 6. Folder 3. Records, Czechoslovak Democratic Scouts in Exile, 1948-1949

Includes "The Proclamation of Czechoslovak Democratic Boy Scouts in Exile," information on the organization's beginnings, and member lists.

Box 6. Folder 4. Records, Czechoslovak Democratic Scouts in Exile, 1949-1982

Includes documents such as statutes, Czechoslovak Democratic Scouts in Exile organization, reports on the leaders' meetings, and address lists.

Box 6. Folder 5. Memorabilia, Fanderlik

Includes registration forms, event invitations, postcards, and business cards.

Box 6. Folder 6. Newspapers clippings, 1963-1984

Articles on Hana Benesova, on Czechoslovak Scouts in exile, and on the trial of scout leaders.

Box 6. Folder 7. Notes, Fanderlik

Notes for scout leaders handbook, morse code, and a issue of Stopa.

Box 6. Folder 8. Postal Services of Czech Scouts, 1918

A paper on history and stamps of the Postal Service of Czechoslovak Scouts.

Box 6. Folder 9. Scouting in Czechoslovakia after 1948 Box 6. Folder 10. Scout songs Box 6. Folder 11. World Conferences and Bureaus, 1951-1975

Various materials in different languages covering, for example, the International Conference in 1951 and the Leader's Conference, Boy Scouts World Conference in Salzburg in 1967.

Box 6. Folder 12. World Jamboree, Austria, 1951

Materials dealing with World Jamboree in Austria including an interview related to this event, reports, and articles on the Jamboree.

Box 6. Folder 13. World Jamboree, Canada, 1983

Materials on Jamboree and newspaper reactions to the Jamboree.

Series 4: PhotographsBox 7. Folder 1. Diary, photographs, Scout Camp Velen, 1976 Box 7. Folder 2. Photo albums, identified, 1975 Box 7. Folder 3. Photos, Jamboree, Canada, 1983 Box 7. Folder 4. Photo album, Toronto, from scouts to Fanderlik, 1956 Box 8. Folder 1. Photographs, scouting Box 8. Folder 2. Photographs, scouting Box 8. Folder 3. Postcards, from Tracht im Salzkammergut Box 8. Folder 4. Photos, World Jamboree XV, Canada Box 8. Folder 5. Slides, trip to Austria Box 8. Folder 6. Photos, Soviet invasion, Ostrava, 1968, Aug. Box 8. Folder 7. Photos, personal Box 8. Folder 8. Photographs, scouting Box 8. Folder 9. Photo album, scout camps, Bern, Heidelberg, 1980 Series 5: HandbooksBox 9.

The box contains a large number of various handbooks related to scouting published in Czechoslovakia and abroad. Some of them were written by Fanderlik. In Czech and English.

Series 6: Serial PublicationsBox 10. Folder 1. Monthly Ceskoslovensky skaut v exilu, Murnau, German D. P. Camp, 1949 Box 10. Folder 2. Cinovnik, 1948-1949 Box 10. Folder 3. Circular, Duchovni radce, 1949-1950 Box 10. Folder 4. Newspaper, The International Panther, 1963-1964 Box 10. Folder 5. Circular, Jiricka, 1949-1950 Box 10. Folder 6. Periodical, Junak, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1930, 1968-1970 Box 10. Folder 7. Scout information, Junak se hlasi, 1968, June Box 10. Folder 8. Circular, Kormidlo, past members, 5th Group in Prague, 1950-1951 Box 10. Folder 9. Periodical, Lilie, Ludwigsburg refugee camp, 1949 Box 10. Folder 10. Mamook Papah, International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides, 1984 Box 10. Folder 11. Bulletin, Oblastni zpravodaj, Czechoslovak scouts in Austria, 1984 Box 10. Folder 12. Circular, Ohen, 1952 Box 10. Folder 13. Newsletters, Oxford University Scout Group, Old Members' Section, 1956-1960 Box 10. Folder 14. Poradni svitek, 1975-1980

Published by Czech and Slovak exile scout movement in Europe, with information about Czechoslovak scouts in exile, internal problems and quarrels, activities for leaders, publishing activities, and reports from meetings.

Box 10. Folder 15. Periodical, Skauting, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1969 Box 10. Folder 16. Skautska priloha to Kanadske listy, 1975

A supplement to the Canadian Papers dealing with Czechoslovak scouts in exile, including history, pictures, activities.

Box 10. Folder 17. Periodical, Skautska stezka, Sydney, Australia, 1953-1954 Box 10. Folder 18. Circular, Skautskou stopou, 1949-1950

Contains various information on scout movements in refugee camps in Germany, their members and problems, scouts in Italy, and an exhibition of D.P. scouts in Munich.

Box 10. Folder 19. Monthly, Smolnicka, 13th group in Prague, 1948 Box 10. Folder 20. Bulletin, Stopa Box 11. Folder 1. Bulletin, Stopa, 1952-1989

Published by Czechoslovak Boy and Girl scouts in exile, containing information on the organization of scouts in exile, problems of scouts in exile, practical information for leaders and officials, information about the international scout activities as well as activities of Czechoslovak scouts in exile.

Box 11. Folder 2. Newsletter, Whitehall Tidings, Defence Ministry Rover Crew and B-P Scout Guild Brand, 1959-1965 Box 11. Folder 3. Newsletter, Whitehall Tidings, Defence Ministry Rover Crew and B-P Scout Guild Brand, 1964-1971 Box 11. Folder 4. Newsletter, Whitehall Tidings, Defence Ministry Rover Crew and B-P Scout Guild Brand, 1972-1984 Box 11. Folder 5. World Scoutism, in English and French, 1973 Box 11. Folder 6. Misc. periodicals

Nine volumes of Skaut, a magazine of Slovak scouts from 1990-1991, newspaper clipping from Feb. 22, 1988 called "Faculty prospect found shared interests at UNL", personal data sheet of Philip L. Kelly, three volumes of Skautske zvesti, a bulletin for scout leaders from 1990, and TamTam, a magazine of Czech and Slovak scouts in exile from 1992-1994.

Series 7: Stembera a Kadlec MaterialsBox 12. Folder 1. Correspondence, E.J. Stembera

Letters of condolence for Rudolf Plajner, the former chief of Czechoslovak scouts, correspondence with Joseph Svoboda, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries, and a personal history of Emil Jan Stembera and his experience with scouting in China.

Box 12. Folder 2. Newspaper clippings , E.J. Stembera, 1946-1983

Various clippings about E.J. Stembera, from China Daily Tribune, Nedelni Svornost, Canadian Letters, and Junak. In English and Czech.

Box 12. Folder 3. Writings, by Stembera

About Czechoslovak scout history in Shanghai and his journey from China to South America.

Box 12. Folder 4. Articles, general materials, Stembera

Includes photocopies from the periodical Skaut-Junak, an article about A. B. Svojsik, a certificate on becoming a member of Wood School of Pavel Zakora, along with several pictures and postcards.

Box 12. Folder 5. Awards, honors, received by Stembera Box 12. Folder 6. Correspondence, Kadlec

Correspondence between Joseph Svoboda, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries, regarding the Czech Heritage Collections and a letter from Klastorna to Kadlec.

Box 12. Folder 7. Publications, Kadlec

A bulletin by Milos Vetvicka titled Angels among us, part of the Reporter from February 20, 1969, a book titled "Osvetlenou stopou" by Kadlec for religious scouts, posters from Junak, and a long-playing record of scout songs.

Box 12. Folder 8. Manuscripts, illustrations, Kadlec

Materials offered to Kadlec by Vera Starkova, on the J.A. Komensky work "Subspecie educationis," and illustration photocopies of Petr Klasterny.

Box 12. Folder 9-10. Photograph negatives, Stembera

Photographs, slides, and negatives covering Stembera's life, including Chechoslovakia scouting and his old age in the U.S.

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