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Samuel Avery, Speeches, Chancellor Records

Title: Samuel Avery, Speeches, Chancellor Records

Creator: Avery, Samuel, 1865-1936

Dates: 1910-1933

Quantity: 1 box (0.2 linear feet)

Collection Number: RG 05-10-02

Language: English

Restrictions: None

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Samuel Avery served as Chancellor of the University from 1908-1928. He attended the University of Nebraska and received a B.A. in 1892, and his M.A. in 1894. He studied for his Ph.D. in Heidelberg, receiving his diploma in 1896. Avery began teaching at the University in 1897 as an adjunct professor of chemistry. From 1899-1901 he taught at the University of Idaho. He returned to Nebraska in 1901, teaching classes on organic analytical chemistry and agricultural chemistry. In 1905, he became Professor of Chemistry. While born in Illinois, within a year of his birth the Avery family moved to Saline County, Nebraska. Avery died on January 25, 1936, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Scope and Content:

This record group includes speeches written and presented by Avery during his term as University of Nebraska chancellor along with associated articles and memos. The majority of items are typescripts and typescript carbons. Most of the speeches were given at the university or in Nebraska, unless otherwise noted. The titles listed for each item are those created by Avery or supplied from the first line of the speech.


Avery, Samuel, 1865-1936

University of Nebraska (Lincoln campus). Office of the Chancellor

University of Nebraska (Lincoln campus) -- Administration

Universities and colleges -- Administration -- Nebraska

College administrators -- Nebraska

University of Nebraska (Lincoln campus) -- Administration -- History -- Sources

Container List: Box 1. Folder 1. Speeches, addresses, 1910-1925Item 1.Addresses by Chancellor Avery, contributed by May B. Bennett AveryItem 1."The Use of Intoxicants by Students of Two Universities," 1910, Mar. 27 Item 2."The Growth of the Univeristy of Nebraska During the Administration of Dr. Andrews," 1911, May 12 Item 3."The Chancellor's Report to the Alumni," 1916, June 6 Item 4."The Progress of the University During the Past Decade," 1919, Sept. 23 Item 5."The University of Nebraska, Past, Present and Future," 1921, Oct. 17 Item 6."Summary of the Year," 1922, June 3 Item 7."The Veteran Professor," 1923, Nov. 1 Item 8."Summary of the School Year 1924-25 to Alumni Association," 1925, May 30 Item 2."The University of Nebraska has received from the federal government one million and a quarter dollars for the support of agricultural and mechanical college.," 1913, Jan. 16 Item 3."At a meeting of the Board of Regents on October 12, 1912, Dr. George E. Condra was made Professor of Geography and Conservation and Head of the Department of Geography and Conservation....," 1913? Item 4."In order to correct any misunderstanding of the official position of the University in regard to... House Roll 345," 1913? Item 5."Chancellor Avery of the State University is in receipt of a letter from Secretary of State Bryan....," 1913-1915 Box 1. Folder 2. Speeches, addresses, 1914-1917Item 1."During my entire administration I have so often expressed the thought that one of the greatest immediate needs of the University is an adequate physical plant....," 1914, Oct. 20 Item 2."Since occupying my present position....," 1914, Nov. 16 Item 3."Anything of Mine That the Government Needs, It Can Have," 1914? Item 4."Comments on Letter of Mr. Coupland, retiring Regent of the University, to the Members of the Legislature," 1914? Item 5."All who wish the students well wish to see....," 1915, Mar. 15 Item 6."In almost every State University....," 1915, Apr. 1 Item 7."Among the men by whom the University of Nebraska has been most ably represented....," 1915, June Item 8.Nebraska Farmer, "My early days were spent on the farm, and until I was twenty-five I worked on the farm....," 1915, Aug. Item 9."The University Week Association is establishing University Week....," 1915, Sept. Item 10."Our National Chemical Industry Round Table," 1915, Nov. 1 Item 11."Starting out in 1870 by giving a few courses in the classics and the liberal arts, the University of Nebraska has widened its usefulness to the people of this state....," 1915? Item 12."The Nebraskan originally started as a private enterprise," 1916, Jan. 12 Item 13."Chancellor Samuel Avery of the University of Nebraska....," 1916, May 6 Item 14."The University honors the memory of the Chancellor Emeritus," 1916, Sept. 5 Item 15."Real friends of the University will hesitate before endorsing the bill of Representative Taylor to abolish the Board of Regents....," 1917, Feb. 6 Item 16."The Society of Innocents by declaring itself in favor of the establishment of a Student Council....," 1917, Feb. 7 Item 17."A morning paper closes an editorial with this sentence....," 1917, Feb. 22 Item 18."That so inoffensive a body as the Senate of the University of Nebraska....," 1917, Feb. 26 Item 19."Your report this morning asked me by what authority I offered the use during the war of the mechanical engineering laboratories....," 1917, Apr. 4 Item 20."Twenty-eight citizens of Ericson, Nebraska, have solemnly denounced the attitude of the Chancellor...for supporting President Wilson....," 1917, Apr. 6 Item 21."Chancellor Avery, when asked this moring as to the immediate effect the war would have on the University....," 1917, Apr. 7 Item 22."The University Senate met at 10:15 in the faculty room of the Temple...," 1917, Apr. 14 Item 23."Acting in harmony with the wishes of the federal government....," 1917, June 4 Item 24."Chancellor Avery has issued the following statement in regard to the Regents' action in taking over the control of the athletic finances....," 1917, June 22 Item 25."The University and the Legislature," 1917, June 25 Item 26."Chancellor Avery returned last night from Fort Snelling....," 1917, July 10 Item 27."Dean Stout has been appointed a Major in the United States Reserve Army....," 1917, July 17 Item 28."Services the University has Rendered to the Federal Government Since the Beginning of the War," 1917, July Item 29."The University and the War," 1917, Sept. 18 Item 30."The University officials desiring to serve the county in every possible way during war...," 1917, Oct. 5 Item 31."Athletics in War Times," 1917, Nov. 26 Item 32."Chancellor Avery on the President's Message," 1917, Dec. 5 Item 33."The splendid success of the Red Triangle drive encourages hope that the coming Red Cross membership....," 1917, Dec. 15 Item 34."Chancellor Avery of the University...is inclined to smile at the statements of German professors that the war will be won...through the shutting off of potash supplies.," 1917? Item 35."The meeting I attended in Washington was a joint conference of the National Association of State Universities and the Association of Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations....," 1917? Item 36."To Maintain Military Instruction as a Required Subject is a Moral Obligation of the University of Nebraska to the Government of the United States," 1917? Item 37."Military Drill in the University," 1917? Item 38."When a peaceful government like the United States attempts to raise a large army....," 1917? Item 39."The items published in an Omaha paper as a dispatch from Lincoln to the effect that Professor Fling....," 1917-1918? Item 40."Wheatless and Meatless Days; Economy in Sugar and Fats," 1917-1918? Box 1. Folder 3. Speeches, addresses, 1918-1933Item 1."War Services of the University," 1918, May 11 Item 2."The Board of Regents has spent ten days in hearing evidence upon the charges of disloyalty....," 1918, June 18 Item 3."The Palladian have again been disturbed by a rumor....," 1919, Feb. 19 Item 4."Proposed Reorganization in the University of Nebraska," 1919, Apr. 14 Item 5."from my knowledge of the sentiment of the people of the state....," 1919, Apr. 22 Item 6."As previously announced, the University will close for the holidays....," 1919, Dec. 17 Item 7."The Chancellor, the Senate, and the Board of Regents....present facilitations to General John Joseph Pershing....," 1920? Item 8."My opinion having been asked on the desirability of the organization of a Ku Klux Klan in the University....," 1921, Sept. 19 Item 9."Dr. John H. Finley, Associated Editor of the New York Times, has been secured as commencement orator....," 1921? Item 10."The University in Retrenchment," 1922, Feb. 24 Item 11."The Saturday papers contained headlines as follows....," 1922, Feb. 28 Item 12."On this spot facing the scene of General Pershing's first independent command....," 1922, Apr. 15 Item 13."Boosters vs Knockers," 1922, May 2 Item 14."An Appreciation of Mr. C. E. Chowins," 1922, June 17 Item 15."Speaking on behalf of the Regents of The University....the Alumni Association has taken over the memorial building...," 1922, June 26 Item 16."The Newspapers and the People," 1922, Oct. 14 Item 17."A Personal Appreciation of Professor Dann," 1922, Dec. 6 Item 18."An Associated Press dispatch from Chicago Monday morning states that Professor Joshi of Baroda College, India, has announced that he is considering a year's exchange....," 1922? Item 19."The Chancellor of the University of Nebraska...begs to voice to Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre....," 1922? Item 20."With great pleasure I accepted the invitation of the Officers of the Grand Army of the Republic....," 1922? Item 21."The grand old man of the University has left us," 1923, Jan. 23 Item 22."An Appreciation of the Services of Dr. Hall as Regent of the University," 1923, Mar. 14 Item 23."We Dedicate Today the Memorial Stadium," 1923, Oct. 20 Item 24."The Financial Relation of Certain Special Activities to the Chancellor of the University," 1923? Item 25."Statement of my recollection of Wilbur O. Ayer," 1924, Feb. 12 Item 26."Max Westerman entered the service of the Univeristy...," 1924, Sept. 26 Item 27."The discussions of athletics in university is timely," 1924, Dec. 18 Item 28."Address at Review of Regiment," 1925, Dec. 7 Item 29."Northwestern University requested the Chancellor and the Regents of the University of Nebraska to withhold any statement on the resignation of Dean Cutter and his appointment....," 1925? Item 30."I first met Dr. Lees in the fall of '90," 1926, Feb. 4 Item 31."Sweetness and Politics," 1926, Feb. 18 Item 32."The only thing that I can to what was published yesterday....," 1926, May 18 Item 33."Miller Moore Fogg was born January 15, 1868, at Kingwood, New Jersey," 1926, May 21 Item 34."Servant of the Public, E.P. Brown," 1932, Dec. 30 Item 35."William Gunn Whitmore A Farmer Who Believed in Scientific Agriculture," 1933, Jan. 2 Box 1. Folder 4. Speeches, addresses, undatedItem 1."Address of Welcome to Farmers Institute Conference" Item 2."Dr. Andrews as a College Executive" Item 3."Attacks having been made on the University Administration in connection with the appointment of the new Dean of Women...." Item 4."Certain stories have been circulated in regard to the Chancellor's blood relationship or connection by marriage...." Item 5."A complete college of agriculture shall be established on the campus of the University Farm." undated Item 6."Constitutional lawyers have advised me that since the constitution of the state recognized the University of Nebraska as an institution...." Item 7."Explanation of the University Funds" Item 8."For many years students and patrons of the institution have complained that the text book business...." Item 9."The Funds of the First and Second Morrill Acts" Item 10."I have just returned from a trip to Washington on official business and find a report of the Red Triangle campaign awaiting me." undated Item 11."Leaves of Absence for Cornhusking," Item 12."Memorial Services for Doctor Bessey" Item 13."As a number of cases of smallpox...." Item 14."An open attack having been made in the public press involving.... teaching force...." Item 15."The poisoness effect of alcoholic beverages...." Item 16."Press dispatched in the daily papers of the 29th inst., announce that the faculty of the University College of Agriculture....have voted to abolish foreign languages as an entrance requirement." Item 17."Professor William Francis Dann has had a most interesting career..." Item 18."....the rooms of the Palladian and Union Literary Societies were given to these organizations...." Item 19."Save the Old Oil from Your Autos" Item 20."So much has been well said in regard to the life and work of Professor Brown...." Item 21."What Proportion of Their Expenses do University of Nebraska Students Earn?" V. Royce West Item 24-25.Fragments, notes

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