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Louis V. Skidmore, Agricultural Economics Papers

Title: Louis V. Skidmore, Agricultural Economics Papers

Creator: Skidmore, Louis V., 1889-1963

Dates: 1947-1954

Quantity: 2 boxes (1 linear foot)

Collection Number: RG 08-05-17

Language: English

Restrictions: None

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Born in New York City on December 22, 1889, orphan Louis Vallieres Skidmore was adopted by the Skidmore family in Skidmore, Missouri, around 1900. He was one of the "orphan children" that were sent by the Children's Aid Society in New York City to be adopted by farm families in the Midwest. He married Alberta Elgin Wilcox and had three children, Rosalie M. Skidmore Wilcox, James E. Rice, and Marguerite Skidmore.

Skidmore received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Missouri. He practiced veterinary medicine in Missouri for a short time before receiving his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State College in 1920. After receiving his degree, Skidmore accepted a position with the Department of Animal Pathology at the University of Nebraska (NU) Veterinary School. He taught classes on animal pathology and hygiene, and researched fowl cholera, bovine disease, and poultry production. He helped develop a research collection for the NU Department of Animal Pathology. The collection contained skeletons, organs, and parasites that were used for exhibition and instructional purposes. Skidmore retired from the university as professor emeritus in 1958.

Skidmore actively served in a number of organizations and honor societies including the National Veterinary Association, the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association, Nebraska National Guard, United States Livestock Sanitary Association, Research Workers in Animal Diseases in North America, Alpha Gamma Rho, and Sigma Xi. He died January 9, 1963 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Scope and Content:

The Louis V. Skidmore Papers consists of correspondence, articles, drafts, speeches, research notes, and photographs relating to Skidmore's work in animal pathology and parasitology. The bulk of the material consists of Skidmore's published articles and drafts relating to poultry diseases and parasites, bovine disease, animal hygiene, fowl cholera, cattle diseases, and lamb entropion.


Skidmore, Louis V., 1889-1963

Animal diseases

Bovine leukemia virus

Orphan trains


Parasites -- domestic animals



Veterinary medicine

Veterinary pathology

Series Description: Series 1: Correspondence, 1927-1944

This series consists of Louis Skidmore's correspondence relating to professional activities and research projects; arranged chronologically.

Series 2: Publications, 1922-1960

This series contains articles authored or co-authored by Louis Skidmore on parasitology, poultry diseases and parasites, bovine disease, animal hygiene, fowl cholera, cattle diseases, and lamb entropion, which are arranged chronologically.

Series 3: Research and Drafts, 1928-1940

Skidmore's drafts of published articles, speeches, research notes and articles are arranged alphabetically and focused on parasitology, poultry parasites, swine sanitation, animal hygiene, and bovine disease.

Series 4: Photographs and X-Rays, 1921-1930

Photographs of a Golden Glow flower feeding experiment, a visit to the Sheleiss farmstead in Wilber, Nebraska, calf surgery, and X-rays of a dog foot with sarcoma are arranged chronologically.

Container List: Series 1: Correspondence, 1927-1944Box 1. Folder 1. Correspondence, 1927-1944 Series 2: Publications, 1922-1960Box 1. Folder 2. Articles, 1922-1929 Box 1. Folder 3. Articles, 1930-1932 Box 1. Folder 4. Articles, 1933-1939 Box 1. Folder 5. Articles, 1941-1943 Box 1. Folder 6. Articles, 1954-1959 Box 1. Folder 7. Articles, 1960 Series 3: Research and DraftsBox 1. Folder 8. Article drafts Box 1. Folder 9. Article drafts Box 2. Folder 1. Newspaper clippings, on research, 1942-undated Box 2. Folder 2. Research articles, various authors, 1928-1952 Box 2. Folder 3. Research chart, transmissions of leucocytozoon smithi in turkey experiments, 1930-1931 Box 2. Folder 4. Research notes, simuliidae of black flies, undated Box 2. Folder 5. Research notes, undated Box 2. Folder 6-9. Speeches, research accounts, and notes, 1930-1940s Series 4: Photographs and X-raysBox 2. Folder 10. Photo, gathering golden glow for feeding experiment, 1921 (?) Box 2. Folder 11. X-ray, dog foot with sarcoma, 1924 Box 2. Folder 12. Photos and negatives, Schleis Farmstead in Wilber, Nebraska, 1930 Box 2. Folder 13. Photos and negatives, calf surgery, undated
Related Material and Resources: Information for Louis V. Skidmore's biography was taken from his curriculum vitae, "Dr. L.V. Skidmore" biography from Leo. L. Lemond's book, A Century of Veterinary Medicine in Nebraska (1982), and correspondence from Rosalie Skidmore Wilcox located in RG 52-01-01 Biographical and Bibliography Records.

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