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Wilbur Chenoweth, Music Scores

Title: Wilbur Chenoweth, Music Scores

Creator: Chenoweth, Wilbur

Dates: 1921-1979

Quantity: 8 boxes

Collection Number: RG 57-08-02

Language: English


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Preferred Citation: Wilbur Chenoweth, Music Scores, (RG 57-08-02). Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries.

Formats: Biographical Note

Wilbur Chenoweth (1899-1980) was born in Tecumseh, Nebraska, on June 4, 1899. He attended the University of Nebraska and taught at the university from 1925 to 1938. While at the School of Music he served as professor of piano, organ and theory. He was also choirmaster and organist at First Plymouth Church. Chenoweth wrote "Hail Varsity," which is known as one of the Nebraska fight songs played by the university band at athletic games. He moved to Santa Monica, California, in 1938 and was professor at Occidental College from 1938 to 1945. He was also organist and choirmaster at the Neighborhood Church in Pasadena, California. In 1990, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln established the Chenoweth Scholarship for studies in music theory and composition.

Scope and Contents

The materials include Chenoweth's published and unpublished scores and parts, musical sketches, and recordings of his compositions, along with two photographs of Chenoweth. In several of the titles for materials the two abbreviations are used. SATB represents a chorus made of soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts, while TTBB represents two tenor parts and two bass parts.


Chenoweth, Wilbur, 1899-1980

Orchestra music

Choral music


Piano music

Piano music (Pianos (2))

Organ music

Handbell music

Container List: Box 1. Folder 1. Chenoweth composition list, articles on Chenowith, biography, three photographs, one captioned with date, Spring 1979 Box 1. Folder 2. Published songs by Chenoweth, 1921-1943Item 1. "The Arrow and the Song" New York, M. Witmark, 1936 Item 2. "Doubts" Boston, Boston Music Co., ©1934 Item 3. "Dreams" New York, Carl Fischer, 1929 Item 4. "Hail Varsity" Chenoweth, Ayres, © 1980 Item 5. "Hail Varsity" one voice refrain (photocopy), © 1936 Item 6. "I'm Ridin' Back to Arizona" New York, Chappell, © 1943 Item 7. "In a Japanese Garden" New York, Carl Fischer (photocopy), © 1929 Item 8. "It Seems to Me" © 1922 Item 9. "It's Your Wonderful Smile" from The Most Prime Minister, written for and produced by The Kosmet Klub of the University of Nebraska, (printed copy plus signed photocopy), © 1921 Item 10. "Kaloa, South Sea Isle" from The Most Prime Minister, written for and produced by The Kosmet Klub of the University of Nebraska (photocopy), © 1921 Item 11. "Love Everlasting" Boston, Boston Music (photocopy), 1934 Item 12. "Love, I Come to You" (wedding song), New York, G. Schirmer (photocopy), undated Item 13. "Love-light" New York, Harold Flammer (photocopy), 1935 Item 14. "My Lotus Bloom" Boston, Boston Music Co. (photocopy, first page only), 1934 Item 15. "One Rose: the Last of Your Bouquet" New York, Carl Fischer, 1932 Item 16. "Only My Love for Thee" New York, Harold Flammer, © 1935 Item 17. "The Sun Would Shine Again" New York, Chappel, 1941 Item 18. "Supplication, Sacred Song" New York, G. Schirmer, © 1939 Item 19. "Twilight Lullaby" New York, Carl Fischer, © 1930 Item 20. "Vocalise" New York, Lawson-Gould (photocopy), © 1962 Item 21. "Welcome to Nebraska, Official Song of the Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska" New York, Carl Fischer, © 1968 Box 1. Folder 3. Published piano and organ music by ChenowethItem 1. "Bourrée and Musette," for piano, New York, G. Schirmer, © 1937 Item 2. "Bourrée and Musette," for organ, New York, G. Schirmer, © 1937, Item 3. "Christmas in Cornwall" with song "Pitter-Patter," Lincoln, NE., Bendix Publishing Co., © 1929 Item 4. "Concert Waltz: Memories of old Vienna" New York, G. Schirmer, © 1942 Item 5. "Cortège" New York, G. Schirmer, © 1964 Item 6. "Evening in Venice" for organ, Boston, Mass, Boston Music (photocopy), undated Item 7. "The Harvest Festival Barn Dance" New York, Carl Fischer (photocopy), © 1924 Item 8. "The Hidden Waterfall" Lincoln, NE., Bendix Publishing Co., © 1929 Item 9. "The Hidden Waterfall" New York, G. Shirmer (photocopy), © 1929 Item 10. "In a Patio" New York, G. Schirmer, © 1930 Item 11. "The Joy of Living" New York, Carl Fischer (photocopy), © 1929 Item 12. "Lullaby" New York, G. Schirmer (photocopy), © 1930 Item 13. "March Triumphant Wedding March" New York, Carl Fischer (photocopy), © 1933 Item 14. "Nocturne" New York, Carl Fischer, © 1924 Item 15. "La Pampita Tango" New York, Carl Fischer (photocopy), © 1930 Item 16. "Petite Patrol" New York, G. Schirmer (photocopy), © 1930 Item 17. "Puppets on Parade" New York, G. Schirmer (photocopy), © 1942 Item 18. "Rustic Dance" New York, G. Schirmer, © 1929 Item 19. "The Steam Calliope Humoresque," New York, Carl Fischer (photocopy), © 1950 Item 20. "Valse charmante" New York, Carl Fischer, © 1924 Box 1. Folder 4. Published choral music by Chenoweth, for chorus of mixed voices and keyboard, unless otherwise noted, 1930-1977Item 1. "The Brotherhood of Man" New York, Carl Fischer, 1964 Item 2. "Carillon Christmas Carols" Boston, Mass., Boston Music Co. (photocopy), © 1930 Item 3. "Come Let Us Sing" New York, G. Schirmer (photocopy), © 1941 Item 4. "Do You Know the Newborn Child?" New York, G. Schirmer, 1971 Item 5. "For the Beauty of the Earth" New York, Lawson-Gould, © 1969 Item 6. "Hail to the King Victorious" Boston, Mass., Boston Music Co., © 1934 Item 7. "Hear Our Prayer" Boston, Mass., Boston Music Co., © 1932 Item 8. "Noel, Noel, Bells are Ringing" for 5-part chorus of mixed voices, New York, G. Schirmer, © 1949 Item 9. "Noel, Noel, Bells are Ringing" for unison chorus, signed copy, New York, G. Schirmer, © 1949 Item 10. "Noel, Noel, Bells are Ringing" for two-part chorus, signed copy, New York, G. Schirmer, © 1949 Item 11. "Of the Father's Love Begotten" New York, Lawson-Gould, 1961 Item 12. "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" New York, Lawson-Gould, 1967 Item 13. "Puppets on Parade" New York, G. Schirmer, © 1942 Item 14. "Rise, Men Courageous, March Triumphant" New York, Carl Fischer, © 1933 Item 15. "Thou Hast Searched Me" New York, Lawson-Gould, © 1977 Item 16. "Vocalise" TTBB with soprano or tenor solo, keyboard, New York, Lawson-Gould, © 1961 Box 1. Folder 5. "The Arrow and the Song" one full-score manuscript on onion skin, 8 copies of full score, one close score manuscript, 14 copies of close score Box 1. Folder 6. Mixed scores, 1929-1938, undatedItem 1. "Let All Things Now Living" for unison chorus with descant and piano, E.C. Schirmer, © 1938 Item 2. "Give Us More Faith" for mixed choir, 2 scores, working copy Item 3. "Rise Men Courageous" for mixed choir and piano, New York, Carl Fischer, © 1933, with manuscript working copy Item 4. "Song of the Soul," manuscript copy for organ (?) Item 5. Manuscript sheet of hymn tunes Item 6. "American Hymn," for mixed choir and piano Item 7. Manuscript, 2 sheets, labeled Variation #3 and 8, for organ Item 8. Unidentified manuscript drafts, 2 working copies Item 9. "Dreams, Nothing More Than Dreams" for voice and piano, New York, Carl Fischer, © 1929 Item 10. "Dream Magic," 7 keyboard scores, 2 lead sheets Item 11. "The Arrow and the Song" New York, M. Witmark and Sons, © 1936, 2 different scores for mixed chorus, manuscript working copy Item 12. "Variations on a Plain Song," caption title, "Variations on Divinum Mysterium," for organ Item 13. "Do You Know the Newborn Child?" 4 scores, for mixed chorus and keyboard Item 14. "Silent Night," manuscript tune and descant Item 15. "Come All Ye Shepherds,""Silent Night," and "Good King Wenceslas," manuscript sheet, for keyboard Item 16. "Hail Varsity," manuscript for men's chorus, 4 working copies Item 17. "Waltz,""Slavonic Dance Theme,""Noel, Noel, Bells are Ringing," and unlabeled manuscript working sheets Item 18. "Why Couldn't There be Somebody for Me?" manuscript song Item 19. "Tattle Tale," manuscript for keyboard, working copy Item 20. Manuscript music book, unidentified working copy Item 21. "It Fell to Earth," working copy Item 22. "Help Us to Know Thy Will," manuscript score, working copy Item 23. Seven loose manuscript sheets, working copies Item 24. Nine loose notes from various parts of the collection Box 1. Folder 7. "Lord, Speak to Me" working sheets, music writing book Box 1. Folder 8. Music spiral bound writing book, working material for "Amazing Grace," inserts of manuscript and material for "Praise to the Living God" Box 2. Folder 1. "American Hymn" SATB and keyboard, manuscript drafts, 6 copies of score Box 2. Folder 2. "Holiday in Hawaii" voice and piano, 2 manuscript scores, 3 photocopied scores Box 2. Folder 3. "Arabesque" for piano, fair copy Box 2. Folder 4. "For the Beauty of the Earth" for SATB and keyboard; one manuscript, 2 copies, "Brotherhood of Man" for SATB and keyboard, 3 copies Box 2. Folder 5. "Supplication Oh Lord, My Redeemer," SATB and keyboard with optional tenor descant, manuscripts of full score, choral score, 7 individual voice parts, "Mourn Not for Those" manuscript bass part of verse 2 Box 2. Folder 6. "God of Comfort", SATB and keyboard, manuscript score and optional accompaniment for last verse, 1 score (old copy), 1 score [2nd version], 1 manuscript score, 5 copies (abridged version), 6 mixed manuscript pages Box 2. Folder 7. "Here With my Love" for voice and piano, 2 scores, one without words or title, "(There goes) Mary Rose" for voice and piano, 2 scores Box 2. Folder 8. "Thou Hast Searched Me" for SATB and keyboard, 1 onion skin score, 3 copies, 1 envelope of working materials, including manuscripts, copies, and printed music Box 2. Folder 9. "I'm ridin' back to Arizona" for TTBB and solo, 12 score copies, 3 lead sheet copies Box 2. Folder 10. Miscellaneous pieces, on onion skinItem 1. "Of the Father's Love Begotten," based on "Divinum Mysterium," for choir and keyboard Item 2. "The Lord is in His Holy Temple," hymn Item 3. "A'Lanna Machree," song with keyboard Item 4. "Do You Know the Newborn Child?" choir and keyboard Item 5. Alpha Tau Omega, centennial song, choir and keyboard Item 6. "Arabesque," piano Item 7. "The Brotherhood of Man," choir and keyboard Item 8. "Prelude in E Minor," piano Item 9. "Vocalise," conductor's score Item 10. "Dream Magic," piano Item 11. "Dream Magic," lead sheet Item 12. Two unidentified sheets Item 13. One unidentified sheet set Item 14. "Fiesta," mixed parts, choral score, and song Item 15. "For the Beauty of the Earth," choir and keyboard Item 16. "For All I Know," song Item 17. "God of Comfort, God of Courage," choir and keyboard Item 18. "Welcome to Nebraska," choir and keyboard Item 19. Labeled "Miscellaneous" Item 20. "Here with my Love," song Item 21. "I'm Ridin' Back to Arizona," lead sheet, choir parts, and song Item 22. Wedding song Item 23. "The Sun Would Shine Again (for Me)," song Item 24. "Vocalise," song Item 25. "(There Goes) Mary Rose," song, 2 copies Item 26. "Noel, Noel, Bells are Ringing," choir and keyboard Item 27. "Pick a Petal (From a Daisy)," song Item 28. "Puppets on Parade," choir and piano Box 3. Folder 1. "Welcome to Nebraska," for SATB and keyboard, 1 manuscript score, 2 copies of score, 2 copies of score with different text arranged for unison voices Box 3. Folder 2. "Noel, Noel Bells are Ringing," for SATB and handbells, 2 chorus scores, manuscript of handbell parts, 3 scores of handbell parts labeled,1972, 8 scores of handbell parts labeled, 1973 Box 3. Folder 3. "Vocalise," two pianos, 4 scores, organ solo, 2 scores, 1 piano score in manuscript Box 3. Folder 4. "Vocalise," full orchestra score (spiral bound) and complete parts Box 3. Folder 5. "Vocalise," multiple parts for strings Box 3. Folder 6. "Vocalise," full orchestra score in penciled manuscript Box 3. Folder 7. "Vocalise," orchestra score and parts in onion skin, wrapped up Box 3. Folder 8. "Vocalise," orchestra score and extra parts, some in multiple copies Box 4. Folder 1. "Fiesta," orchestra parts, set 1 Box 4. Folder 2. "Fiesta," orchestra parts, set 2 Box 4. Folder 3. "Fiesta" New York, G. Schirmer, 1944

2 printed copies for two pianos, four-hands, one with possible cuts and inserted sketches and one with words, two pages of sketches; multiple copies of wind parts for inserted section, 6 leaves of music, many leaves of music for scrap paper

Box 4. Folder 4. "Fiesta," penciled manuscript of choral score, five parts for SSATB, one leaf of SATB finale, five leaves of penciled sketches Box 5. Folder 1. "Fiesta," full orchestra score, spiral bound in blue Box 5. Folder 2. "Fiesta," full orchestra score, spiral bound in green, parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola, violoncello, and bass inserted Box 5. Folder 3. "Fiesta," full orchestra score and full orchestra parts on onion skin, wrapped with string Box 6. Folder 1. "Variations on Divinum Mysterium," 4 piano scores Box 6. Folder 2. Four sketchbooks and notebook, church responses, sketches, working materials, misc. Box 6. Folder 3. "Transcription of piano music (solos or songs) for the organ," penciled notes, "Organ transcription method" on original envelope Box 6. Folder 4. "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Lobe den Herren)," score for SATB and keyboard Box 6. Folder 5. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," complete orchestral, vocal parts on onion skin Box 6. Folder 6. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," 33 1/3 rpm, 10 inch vinyl recording, performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Alfred Wellenstein, conductor Box 6. Folder 7. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," full orchestral score, notes attached Box 7. Folder 1. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," 3 piano scores, 3 manuscript sketch pages Box 7. Folder 2. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," full orchestra score, spiral bound Box 7. Folder 3. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," full orchestral scores, spiral bound, with editorial suggestions to Al Seigel Box 7. Folder 4. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," full orchestral score, spiral bound, copied by Al Seigal Box 7. Folder 5. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," original full orchestra score, spiral bound, copied by Charles Miller Box 7. Folder 6. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," piano score, working copy for choral version Box 7. Folder 7. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," full orchestra score, spiral bound in red, used by Roger Wagner at the Music Center Performance Box 7. Folder 8. "Variations on Lobe den Herren," on onion skin paper Box 8. Cassette tapes, unpublishedItem 1. "Noel, Noel," performed by UCLA A Cappella Choir, directed by Roger Wagner. "Of the Father's Love Begotten,""God of Comfort,""Alleluia,""Shepherd Lead Me," Neighborhood Church (Pasadena, California) choir rehearsal with Wilbur Chenoweth, organist and choirmaster, introductions by Don Messick Item 2. "Of the Father's Love Begotten,""Praise to the Lord,""Brotherhood of Man," performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, introductions by Don Messick and Choir's Richard Evans Item 3. "Fiesta,""Arizona,""Harvest Festival" (from Ampico piano roll), "In a Japanese Garden" (from Ampico piano roll), "Dreams,""Pick a Peddle,""Here by Your Side,""Star so Bright,""In a Whirl,""Hi Diddle,""Waltz with Me" (duet), performed by Wilbur Chenoweth playing his own compositions, accompanied by voice, introductions by Don Messick Item 4. "Variations Lobe den Herren," performed by Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Alfred Wallenstein conducting, introduction by Don Messick Item 5. Wilbur Chenoweth at the piano, Tchaikovsky airs and selected compositions, taped from Ampico piano rolls, recorded in New York by Wilbur Chenoweth, introductions by Don Messick, 1920s Item 6. "Waltz Caprice,""Cortege,""Vocalise,""Love, I Come to You,""Bouree and Musette,""Divinum Mysterium,""Valse charmante,""God of Comfort,""Arabesque,""The Arrow and the Song,""The Hidden Waterfall,""A Frog He Would a Wooing Go,""In a Patio,""Noel Noel,""Marche Triumphant (wedding march),""Xmas in Cornwall,""Give Us More Faith,""Dreams,""The Concert Waltz," Wilbur Chenoweth playing his own compositions, introductions by Don Messick

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